Message from the Management


Brother Will Contribute to Society and Help Protect the Earth with the "At Your Side." Spirit.

Representative Director & President Ichiro Sasaki

Value creation being pursued by the Brother Group

We are currently facing global and rapid environmental changes such as climate change, geopolitical risks, and changing consumer behavior due to the tremendous advancement in technology. In addition, our stakeholders expect us to operate with a focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sustainability factors.

In the Brother Group Vision "At your side 2030" formulated for 2030, we declare our purpose as "By being 'At your side,' we enable people's productivity and creativity, contribute to society, and help protect the earth." Our purpose is to enable our customers to maximize their productivity and creativity through Brother's products, and to bring them the joy of success. We believe that this will not only contribute to the success of business, but also to solving social issues such as global environmental problems.

To realize our purpose, we are steadily implementing initiatives to achieve our medium-term business strategy "CS B2024" for the period from FY2022 to FY2024, as well as to address the five materialities that we have identified.

Contribute to society

Protect the earth

Foundation for all transformations

In our medium-term business strategy "CS B2024," we are working on four strategic themes centered on business portfolio transformation to realize "At your side 2030." We believe that the management foundation transformation for a sustainable future is important to support business portfolio transformation. In this transformation, we are focusing on the evolution of Brother Value Chain Management (BVCM), which is Brother's unique management system, encouraging employees to take on challenges, and improving employee engagement as fundamental actions to continue enhancing the Group's own productivity and creativity. Particularly in the area of human capital development, Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) is shifting to human capital management that focuses more on people from FY2023 in order to create a corporate culture in which employees can fully demonstrate their abilities and work with more motivation. We are promoting initiatives such as supporting the true autonomy of employees, strengthening human capital development and reskilling for the industrial area and DX, and fostering a corporate culture in which each and every employee can play an active role.

Message to our stakeholders

Brother has always been transforming its business to meet the needs of the times with the spirit of "At your side." which puts customers first in every situation. We have been one of the unique companies in the industry, having expanded into overseas markets early on and developing a variety of printing methods in-house to meet the needs of many customers.

In order to survive in a fiercely competitive environment, the Brother Group will continue to adhere to the spirit of "At your side." and make the most of our strengths—our unique technologies and global network. By further speeding up the BVCM process based on these strengths, we will continue to provide superior value by linking customer feedback to product development and improvement at an even faster speed than ever before. The spirit of "At your side." is our philosophy and management strategy itself. We will continue to pursue value creation to achieve our Vision, aiming to be a company that our customers appreciate and consider indispensable, and to be proud of our contribution to society and people. To all our stakeholders, we hope that you will look forward to the future of the Brother Group.

Ichiro Sasaki
Representative Director & President
Brother Industries, Ltd.
September 2023

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