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Corporate Information

Brother Group Vision

Brother Group Vision "At your side 2030"

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In order to grow sustainably in the midst of major environmental changes, the Brother Group has formulated the Brother Group Vision "At your side 2030" to show our direction from fiscal 2022 to 2030.

Centered on the spirit of "At your side." which puts customers first in every situation, we will present "Brother's raison d'être and value proposition to society" and propose and implement the strategy through backcasting* by clearly setting the deadline of 2030.

Implement Strategy through Backcasting Based on the Vision for 2030

  • A way of thinking that envisions what the future should look like and considers what needs to be done now and how to move forward into the future in order to achieve that vision.

Overview of "At your side 2030"

The Brother Group Vision "At your side 2030" comprises three elements. Based on Brother's raison d'être (Our Purpose), the Vision outlines how we intend to provide value (Our Approach) and what values we intend to realize by 2030 (Our Focus Areas).

Structure of "At your side 2030"

At your side 2030 - Our Purpose

Our Purpose

By being "At your side," we enable people's productivity and creativity, contribute to society, and help protect the earth.

  • As we have throughout our history, Brother continues to help unlock people's innate productivity and creativity.
  • By supporting people in their value-creation journeys, and helping them realize their aspirations and goals, we contribute to a better society.
  • We are also "At your side." for the environment, focusing on sustainability and on leaving as small a footprint as possible.

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At your side 2030 - Our Approach

Our Approach

We identify and eliminate barriers to customers' success by utilizing our unique technologies and global network.

  • We will understand our customers' "value chain", identify their core challenges, and provide unique products and solutions that help them achieve their goals.
  • We will continue developing and enhancing unique technologies across Brother's multi-business portfolio.
  • We will take advantage of our global network of local experts, sales channels, and customer bases.
  • We will expand our portfolio by focusing on adjacencies to our two strong assets, technology & global network

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At your side 2030 - Our Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas

Industrial - Become a trusted, invaluable solutions partner.

In the industrial area: We will improve customers' productivity, solve their business challenges, and reduce our environmental impact. By doing so, we will gain their trust and become an invaluable partner.

Industrial - Become a trusted, invaluable solutions partner

Printing - Continue leading print innovation and pioneering new offerings.

In the printing area: Even with huge changes in the definition of "office work" and the printing environment, we will continue to exceed customers' expectations. We will also build new business pillars that expand beyond our existing boundaries.

Printing - Continue leading print innovation and pioneering new offerings

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