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Experience the Creations Crafted by Bunka Fashion College Students Using with Brother Sewing Machines

Costumes Designed for the Fashion Show at the 2022 Culture Festival Part I
Costumes Designed for the Fashion Show at the 2022 Culture Festival Part I

The Brother Museum showcases costumes designed for the Fashion Show at the Bunka Fashion College Culture Festival Part I. These exceptional pieces, created with Brother sewing machines, are part of a rotating exhibit that is updated every six months. The latest collection has been on display since March.

The Culture Festival stands as the college's premier event, attracting over 10,000 visitors.The Fashion Show is a collaborative effort involving around 700 students who work together on all facets of the show, including planning, design, production, direction, and technical elements such as AV operation, lighting, video production, and modeling.

This exhibit provides a glimpse into the innovative minds and exceptional creativity of the students at Bunka Fashion College, all brought to life with the help of Brother sewing machines.

About Bunka Fashion College

Bunka Fashion College is heralded as one of the top fashion institutions globally, known for its rich heritage and impressive track record in Asia. The college has nurtured numerous internationally acclaimed designers, such as Junko Koshino, Hiroko Koshino, and Yohji Yamamoto.

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