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Integrated Report 2022

The "Integrated Report" is designed to explain Brother's medium- to long-term value creation by integrating financial and non-financial information and to communicate a story of sustainable value creation unique to Brother to as many stakeholders as possible in an easy-to-understand manner. In editing the report, we referred to the METI's "Guidance for Integrated Corporate Disclosure and Company-Investor Dialogues for Collaborative Value Creation" and the IFRS Foundation's "Integrated Reporting Framework."

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Integrated Report 2022

[Open PDF File]Introduction (A3 size) [PDF/697KB]

  • The "At your side." spirit and vision

[Open PDF File]Message from the President (A3 size) [PDF/356KB]

[Open PDF File]The Story of Brother's Value Creation (A3 size) [PDF/1.3MB]

  • Brother's History
  • Brother's Businesses
  • Brother's Value Creation Process

[Open PDF File]Management Strategy (A3 size) [PDF/3.3MB]

  • Medium-term Business Strategy
    • Background of the Formulation of Medium-term Business Strategy
    • Medium-term Business Strategy "CS B2024"
    • Evolution of BVCM
    • Financial Strategy
  • Strengthening Capital That Supports Value Creation
    • Human Capital
    • Intellectual Capital / Manufactured Capital / Social and Relationship Capital
  • Business Strategy
    • Printing and Solutions Business
    • Machinery Business
    • Domino Business
    • Nissei Business
    • Personal and Home Business
    • Network and Contents Business
    • Industrial Printing Area of Brother

[Open PDF File]Sustainability Initiatives (A3 size) [PDF/1.9MB]

  • Practicing Sustainability-Focused Management
  • Environmental Initiatives
    • TCFD
  • Social Initiatives
  • Corporate Governance
    • Message from the Chairman
    • Composition of the Board of Directors
    • Directors, Corporate Auditors, and Executive Officers
    • Corporate Governance
    • Outside Directors Round Table
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance

[Open PDF File]Financial Section (A3 size) [PDF/446KB]

  • Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  • 11-Year Data
  • Financial Review
  • Consolidated Financial Statements

[Open PDF File]Corporate Information / Stock Information (A3 size) [PDF/390KB]

  • Corporate Information
  • Stock Information


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