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The "Brother Group Global Charter," the basis for all operations, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The Global Charter serves as the basis of all operations conducted by Brother to globally create social value through businesses and promote management that focuses on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards.

The Global Charter sets forth the fundamental principles of the Brother Group, such as "quickly and consistently providing superior value with the "At your side." spirit in mind," "confidently facing challenges with a consistently global view," and "acting with the highest integrity."

To become a trustworthy company, the Brother Group expects each of almost 40,000 employees to embody the Global Charter in their daily decision-making and actions and quickly create and deliver products and services that meet the needs of its stakeholders.

The Global Charter is translated into the native languages of employees in the United States, Europe and Asia so that all employees constantly keep the charter in mind. We also distributed portable handy-sized charter cards (in 26 languages) and posters (in 28 languages) to all our group facilities.

Handy-sized cards and posters Handy-sized cards and posters

The top management in the group's respective facilities every year formulates their commitments based on the Global Charter and takes the initiative in embodying the charter principles, and also delivers messages and creates opportunities to dialogue with employees. In FY2020, they issued 53 messages and had about 4,000 face-to-face talks with employees.

The Global Charter promotional leaders, of whom there are over 500, are appointed by the managers of each facility or department, formulate annual plans and reflect on their development results, and are engaged in promoting the charter-based behavior of each employee in a variety of ways tailored to each organization's role and challenges. Such activities, for example, include creating opportunities for employees to review their own actions in light of the Global Charter.

In addition, regular meetings for the promotional leaders are held in Japan, China, and Vietnam. These meetings allow them to discuss the challenges of the promotional activities conducted by the respective group organizations, to share employees' charter-based actions that have contributed to productivity improvement or responded to customer needs and take cues to develop such activities in their own organizations. In this way, the meetings enable the leaders to learn beyond the borders of their occupations ranging from development, manufacturing, and sales.

From FY2019, in addition to this learning, we are working to raise the awareness of management and employees regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to create value for society. Management sends a message to Group employees on the intranet about the importance of contributing to the achievement of the SDGs. On the other hand, each department and group base is developing activities to raise awareness of the SDGs by utilizing mechanisms such as the "commitment" and cross-organizational leaders' meetings that have been promoted in sharing the Global Charter. In FY2020, we created new videos on the SDGs, including a message from the president, in seven languages, and promoted permeation activities that emphasized the connection between the Global Charter and the SDGs.

The Brother Group will further work to stimulate each employee's actions, in line with the Global Charter, to gain the trust of all stakeholders and become a company which can generate a strong sense of pride among its employees.

Global Charter sharing activities centered on connections with SDGs

Since 2008, the Brother Group has been conducting an annual employee awareness survey called the "Global Charter Survey." The survey results are reported at a meeting attended by all executive officers, including the president of Brother Industries, Ltd., and the results are fed back and issues are visualized at each site. In addition, in order to address the issues obtained from the survey and improvements, each global base promotes its own activities in association with the SDGs due to recent changes in social issues.
Regarding SDGs, while organizing the ties with the Global Charter, we consider the following:

  • How does Brother understand the situation?
  • How can we connect to actual efforts and encourage the actions of each and every employee?

From this perspective, the number of cases in which internal learning is promoted and linked to the SDGs action declaration of each employee is increasing dramatically.
Global Charter sharing activities for employees represented by these have evolved while incorporating the perspective of SDGs, and now, learning in line with the issues of each base has spread to and is showing growth in Japan, Europe, the United States, China, Vietnam, etc. Among them, the Global Charter Workshop has the major feature that it leads to problem solving at bases.

For example, BROTHER MACHINERY XIAN CO., LTD. incorporates the perspective of SDGs into the activity list of each section as a Global Charter sharing activity that emphasizes business relevance. We are working to promote our own company, such as organizing and developing the five issues of "Business activities, Human Resource development, Environmental protection, Social contribution, and Decent work for associates."

BROTHER SEWING MACHINES EUROPE GmbH held an online workshop on the Global Charter to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection due to its jurisdiction throughout Europe. To help employees in each participating country deepen their understanding of the SDGs, we prepared materials in which the SDGs have been translated into "German," "Italian," "French," and "Russian," and linked the "Commitment" to how participants will act.


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