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Environmental Activities "Brother Group's environmental activity report"

Message from the Management (Environment)

Toward achieving a sustainable society

Ichiro Sasaki Representative Director & President Brother Industries, Ltd.

The global community has been steadily shifting toward a carbon-free society. Efforts are being made to achieve a sustainable society by minimizing the impact on the global environment while maintaining economic growth. To solve global issues including climate change, international frameworks such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement (an international agreement for mitigating climate change) have been established. Recent extreme weather attributed to climate change reminds me of the importance of taking action against global warming across the Brother Group to meet the social demand and customers’ needs.

Promising active and continuous efforts to accelerate environmental activities

In the Brother Group Global Charter that provides the foundation for all of the Brother Group’s activities, the Brother Group promises to play its part to help society achieve sustainable development by actively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of its operations. Under the “Brother Earth” slogan, the Brother Group has been accelerating environmental activities with stakeholders based on a unified message of “Working with you for a better environment.”

Brother Earth Working with you for a better environment

Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050 formulated

Environmental, social, and economic systems have been undergoing sweeping changes. The social environment has also been changing significantly. Against this backdrop, the Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050 was formulated in March 2018 to keep pace with the global trend toward sustainability and to create a sustainable society in line with the Brother Group Environmental Policy. Based on this environmental vision, the Brother Group will strengthen its activities related to CO2 emissions reduction, resource recycling, and biodiversity conservation, and will undertake new initiatives such as resource recycling in the value chain by improving the system and continuously promoting activities.

Gaining public trust

I believe that the sustainable growth of a company can be ensured by delivering both social value and economic value at the same time. For example, the Brother Group considers that customers’ issues can be solved by meeting the requirements and standards set by environmental labels in respective countries. To this end, the Brother Group has been working hard to develop environmentally friendly products. The mid-term targets set in 2009 to reduce CO2 emissions by FY2020 were attained by manufacturing facilities outside Japan in FY2013 and eight business sites in Japan in FY2017. These efforts have now been expanded to the entire value chain.

A company can amplify the efforts made by individuals around the world. Each employee of the Brother Group recognizes that social demand reflects customers’ needs, and that the products and services offered by the company, which act as ‘amplifiers,’ help to reduce global CO2 emissions. I will work on corporate management to enable the Brother Group to solve social issues by creating environmentally friendly products and thereby gain public trust.

FY2018 marks the final fiscal year of the Mid-Term Business Strategy “CS B2018.” It also marks the 110th anniversary of our founding. To achieve the new environmental vision which started in this fiscal year, our employees will make utmost effort to contribute to customers’ happiness.

Ichiro Sasaki
Representative Director & President
Brother Industries, Ltd.
October 2018

Efforts to achieve a circular economy in Europe

Recently, Europe has been working to shift to a circular economy, with both companies and administrative organs implementing measures to do so. The Brother facilities in Europe started to collect and recycle laser products and ink products in 2004. To date, more than 14 million toner cartridges have been recycled, preventing 12,500 tons of raw materials from being discarded as landfill.
Regarding Brother products for Europe that conform to the International ENERGY STAR Program, the TEC value (standard power consumption) has been reduced by about 30% for color printers and by about 10% for black-and-white printers. Acquisition of the Blue Angel label demonstrates to customers that Brother products are designed with health, climate, water, and other resources in mind and that these products have a small environmental impact. Meanwhile, acquisition of the Nordic Swan label demonstrates to customers that the products are designed to minimize the environmental impact throughout the product life cycle and that measures are implemented to reduce the impact.

Brother Industries, Ltd. Chairman & Managing Director of Brother International Europe Ltd. Group Executive Officer Isao Noji

Thus, Brother International Europe Ltd. helps the Brother Group ensure compliance with the environmental laws and regulations in Europe and assists activities to reduce the environmental impact in order to meet the social demand. Meanwhile, the Brother facilities in Europe have demonstrated their commitment to reducing the environmental impact by taking actions, and are constantly working to improve the environmental performance based on ISO 14001.

Isao Noji
Group Executive Officer
Brother Industries, Ltd.
Chairman & Managing Director of Brother International Europe Ltd.
October 2018

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