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Toward a Sustainable Society

"Environmental Vision 2050" Reduction of CO2 Emissions


Brother Group
Environmental Vision 2050



The vision indicates that the Brother Group supports the Paris Agreement and contributes to creating a carbon-free-society. (i.e., substantially eliminating greenhouse gas emissions).

Reduction of CO2 Emissions


By 2050, the Brother Group will actively reduce CO2 emissions from the entire value chain in all business operations and contribute to creating a carbon-free society that the global community aims to achieve.

Mid-term target for FY2030*

[Scopes 1 and 2]
Achieve 30% reduction from the FY2015 level


[Scope 3] Categories 1, 11, and 12
Achieve 30% reduction from the FY2015 level


To achieve the ambitious target of a 30% reduction from the FY2015 levels (the mid-term target for FY2030), the procurement, development, manufacture, logistics, sales, and service divisions will work closely with each other to address the challenge.

  • The mid-term target for FY2030 has been recognized as a target based on scientific evidence by Science Based Targets (SBT), an international initiative established to help achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

Science Based Targets (SBT)

CO2 reduction stories

Brother energy-saving products in view of customers and global environment

The power consumption per week of HL-L5000D is expended 1.764 (kWh / Week) for a single customer. It realized a 16% reduction of power consumption compared to the previous model, and a 26% reduction compared with the model before the last.
Brother strives to provide even better environmentally conscious products.

* provided our calculations implemented in relation to TEC test methods

Brother energy-saving products in view of customers and global environment

Consider the global environment through electrical energy and move toward the future with hydrogen utilization

Brother has long been in the study of fuel cell while figuring out the possibility of hydrogen to develop "fuel cell system".
Many issues remain in order to expand hydrogen utilization. However, the technology development will ensure a secure future for Brother.


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