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Brother's CSR

Message on CSR from the Management

To Gain Trust from Stakeholders

Brother Group's CSR Management

I think it is important for a business entity to ensure a long, successful future. To achieve this, it is vital to globally promote corporate social responsibility (CSR) management, which aims to fulfill social responsibility continuously and seriously as well as to achieve business growth.
As stated in the Brother Group Global Charter, CSR management is to predict various environmental changes around us, such as social requirements and technological advances, to build trusting relationships with all stakeholders, and thereby to create new products, services and solutions for customers and society. In short, CSR management is nothing less than providing superior value, which is the mission of the Brother Group.

Representative Director & President Toshikazu Koike

Evolution of the Brother Group’s CSR Management

The Brother Group has evolved as a corporation while developing its business in accordance with changes in the business environment of the times. However, rapid changes are taking place now in our external environment and business circumstances, such as sluggish GDP growth rates around the world, decreased opportunities for printing with the spread of mobile terminal devices, and the volatility of exchange rates and stock prices, resulting in great managerial impacts on the entire Brother Group. Now that we are in such an uncertain situation, we aim to strengthen management foundations by completing three types of transformation, "Business Transformation," "Operational Transformation" and "Talent Transformation" under the Mid-Term business strategy "CS B2018."
Toward this purpose, the Brother Group has been committed to various issues, such as development of a new business and creation of a new product that both reflect diverse opinions of customers, improvement of manufacturing capabilities through these processes, development of global talent, promotion of diversity including support for women's success, contribution to global environment protection, community-based social contribution activities, and enhancement of corporate governance.
Sharing the values stated in the Brother Group Global Charter, all of the Brother Group's employees will behave with the "At your side." spirit to further improve the CSR management of the Brother Group.

Pursuit of Trust from Stakeholders

In order to respond to global demands and expectations, which increase in proportion to the growth of a company, the Brother Group will continue to provide superior value as a manufacturing company, conserve the environment, and contribute to society.
The Brother Group will continuously work toward the future as a global team to achieve management that builds trusting relationships with all stakeholders.

Brother Industries, Ltd.
Representative Director & Chairman
Toshikazu Koike
June 2018

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