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Brother Supports Young Entrepreneurs Who Address Social Challenges and Community Revitalization

Brother participates in the launch of Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar and provides continued support to entrepreneurs

Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) participated in the launch of the "Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar" to assist young social entrepreneurs who address social challenges and community revitalization through their businesses in the Tokai area, where BIL's headquarters are located, and started cosponsoring the activity in 2008.

This seminar has been offering such entrepreneurs support in business strategy formulation, service development, and other business activities to put their businesses on a growth trajectory. It had supported a total of 46 entrepreneurs engaged in nursing care and welfare work, employment support for persons with disabilities, the creation of learning spaces for children, childcare support, and so forth as of 2018.

In FY2019, five entrepreneurs, who were addressing social challenges, such as support for foreign laborers and career development for women, joined as members of the twelfth seminar.

Brother establishes a system in which employees can address social challenges as pro bono workers

Since 2012, Brother has been recruiting pro bono workers from among BIL's employees and assisting entrepreneurs by using their skills and experience gained from work, and also has been providing opportunities to learn about solutions to social challenges through business.

The employees who involved in the seminar as pro bono workers are allowed to spend a total of 50 working hours in six months on the activity. While using time outside of working hours as well, they taught these entrepreneurs how to narrow down goals, calculate profits and losses, formulate strategies to enhance the value of the services they provide, and perform market studies, by utilizing their skills and experience.

At the briefing on the pro bono activities held for BIL employees in March 2019, the pro bono employees reported that they had gained a wider perspective by supporting the entrepreneurs and had been motivated by interacting with people with different values. They also said that the pro bono experience was a valuable opportunity to test their ability in a wide range of areas.

The briefing was scheduled for March 2020, but was postponed in order to help combat the spread of COVID-19. We plan to hold the briefing together with the FY2020 Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar.

Right: a pro bono employee talking with an entrepreneur Right: a pro bono employee talking with an entrepreneur Briefing on pro bono activities(March, 2019) Briefing on pro bono activities(March, 2019)

BIL will continue to cosponsor this seminar, which aims to support young entrepreneurs who tackle social challenges and community revitalization through their businesses, and contribute to society through pro bono work by employees, and at the same time, increase opportunities for employees to learn and grow further to address social challenges through business.

Brother Helps Reduce Food Waste and Support People in Need in Australia

Brother takes part in the "Cooking for a Cause" event by OzHarvest

Brother International (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. (BIA) took part in the "Cooking for a Cause" event at food rescue charity OzHarvest in August 2019 to prepare and deliver meals to vulnerable people.

In Australia, four million tonnes of food are wasted each year, yet two million people still rely on food relief every year.
OzHarvest is the first food rescue organization in Australia collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it, direct and free of charge, to 600 charities across the country. Rescued ingredients are either close to or at the best before date and perfectly edible and safe. OzHarvest collects these ingredients and makes meals for the underprivileged, thereby reducing waste to landfill and helping people.

BIA staff and their families volunteered to take part in the food rescue program. After a few hours of cooking under the guidance of the OzHarvest Chefs, 150 delicious and nutritious meals were delivered the same day to a homeless refuge and crisis center.

Participants in the "Cooking for a Cause" event Participants in the "Cooking for a Cause" event Meals delivered to the homeless refuge and crisis center Meals delivered to the homeless refuge and crisis center

BIA's marketing coordinator said: "It was great to have experienced chefs work with us to create delicious meals for those in need - out of food that would otherwise have been thrown away. Volunteering for OzHarvest has certainly made me stop and think about what I can do to minimize food wastage."

This is the seventh OzHarvest social contribution event that BIA has taken part in and it has prepared over 1,000 meals during this time.
BIA will continuously support people in need, always considering how to solve social challenges and contribute to its local community.

Brother Supports Welfare Centers for the Elderly

Xing delivers fun and health to elderly people by using its musical healing content

Xing Inc. (Xing) has been supporting "Nijinokai*," a public interest incorporated association, since 2014.

Nijinokai was established in 1979 jointly by many entertainers and intellectuals with the aim of promoting healthy living for the elderly and the healthy development of children. The "rainbow caravan" is its main activity in which Nijinokai staff visit welfare facilities for the elderly across Japan and enjoy dance and music with residents to make them feel more alive. As of March 2020, the rainbow caravan had visited more than 4,550 facilities since its launch in 1987.

Xing employees have traveled with this caravan to help provide an enjoyable time for the elderly, bringing "Kenko Okoku," Xing's musical healing content that combines songs, dances, and exercises and assisting with set up and operation of audio equipment. A resident who enjoyed this content said: "Nostalgic songs make me feel at ease, energetic and young again. I hope Xing continues this activity."

Nijinokai has launched a presymptomatic disease control program designed to help prevent dementia and also been developing health welfare and music therapists who give tailored guidance to each elderly person on how to avoid developing dementia or being in need of care. As of March 2020, more than 400 qualified health welfare and music therapists were actively working in nursing homes or as welfare counselors throughout Japan. To assist these efforts, Xing has been cooperating with the management of Nijinokai's health welfare and music therapist training seminar by selecting venues and receiving applications in local communities, and data collection and research to verify the medical effectiveness of the program.

Rainbow caravan visiting a senior welfare center Rainbow caravan visiting a senior welfare center Health welfare and music therapist training seminar Health welfare and music therapist training seminar

Xing will continually help solve social challenges to improve the quality of life for the elderly and extend healthy life expectancy.

  • Official website of Nijinokai: http://www.nijinokai.or.jp/ This website is available only in Japanese. (External site)
  • At present, the schedule for these activities has been postponed or adjusted in consideration of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Brother Helps Disadvantaged Youth Find Employment in the Republic of South Africa

Brother sponsors the Youth Employment Service program and provides job training

The Republic of South Africa has been promoting the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) policy, which aims to empower historically disadvantaged South Africans, by enhancing their economic participation, providing them with equal economic opportunities, and restoring their status.

Brother International S.A. (PTY) Ltd. (BI S.A.) has been supporting the Youth Employment Service (Y.E.S) program, a B-BBEE initiative, providing young people disadvantaged in the labor market, aged 18 to 35, with job training for 12 months at BI S.A. offices and various other institutions. The company absorbs those recognized for their excellence as permanent employees. In FY2019, BI S.A. accepted 14 interns aged 18 to 35, and 25% of them were employed by the company after completing their internships. In FY2020, BI S.A. accepted two interns and they were given opportunities to learn about Brother’s products and combine these skills with computer courses, entry level business management, and various other courses. BI S.A. also had 29 learnerships in basic entry level ICT* skills during 2020 and 9 in advanced sewing. Due to the spread of COVID-19, BI S.A. could not provide them with opportunities for sales promotion activities at stores.
Through this internship, BI S.A. has been helping the country develop socioeconomically and underprivileged young people acquire skills because, according to research, a 12-month work experience gives a person an 80% chance of finding employment elsewhere.

Practical training on using a sewing machine Practical training on using a sewing machine

In addition, BI S.A. has been actively promoting historically disadvantaged South Africans in management positions. Management percentage based on the B-BBEE Scorecard is 50% against the set target of 60%.

BI S.A. will continue to help solve the social challenge of boosting employment for underprivileged youth.

  • Abbreviation for "Information and Communication Technology," which means communication that utilizes communication technology.

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