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With Local Communities

Social Contribution Activities in Various Regions

Sponsoring The "Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar" for Ten Years

Employees support young entrepreneurs

In 2008, Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) started sponsoring the "Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar" (entrepreneur seminar) to assist young entrepreneurs in the Tokai area, where the company has its headquarters. This seminar provides such entrepreneurs with support to put their businesses on a growth track, helping them formulate business strategies and develop products. It has supported a total of 41 young entrepreneurs for ten years. Since 2012, BIL’s employees have participated in this seminar as pro bono workers, using their skills and experiences gained through their work.

In 2017, three entrepreneurs were selected as members of the tenth seminar. Among them was Mr. Amano, who runs a NPO in Shizuoka Prefecture. He worked on a project to provide a collaborative training program with his local community to companies located there. This project was designed for individuals working for local companies to address local issues in the training, and thus aimed to simultaneously realize the growth of those individuals and local revitalization. During the seminar period, he interviewed corporate managers to grasp the human resources needs of companies in his local community, and also conducted a trial of the training program.

Mr. Amano, one of the entrepreneurs, in discussion on his project Mr. Amano, one of the entrepreneurs, in discussion on his project

The training program, with improvements made through the interviews and the trial, had been adopted by three companies as of March 2018. Regarding his learning in the seminar, Mr. Amano said: "The entrepreneur seminar helped me not only solve current local issues but also consider what is necessary (people, objects, and systems) to realize Shizuoka’s vision of its future, and also gave me the perspective of sustaining businesses.
A BIL employee who joined the seminar as a pro bono worker commented: "I supported an entrepreneur by giving advice from my position as a manufacturing engineer and a manager. The interaction and collaborative work with the passionate entrepreneur was exciting, and the scale of his project and its rapid development speed were amazing. This seminar game me valuable experience that I could not gain through my work."

Tenth anniversary event "Tokai Innovators Ecosystem Summit for 2027"

In March 2018, the "Tokai Innovators Ecosystem Summit for 2027" was held as an event commemorating the tenth anniversary of the entrepreneur seminar at the Research Center for Materials Science of Nagoya University. This event had a total participation of 175 people, including individuals involved in the entrepreneur seminar, BIL employees, students interested in the seminar, and working adults. This event consisted of a debrief session where the tenth seminar members reported on their final results, a keynote talk, and an opinion exchange meeting. The keynote talk introduced the efforts made by the entrepreneur seminar during the past ten years to change the Tokai community, while the opinion exchange meeting provided eight themes to discuss, such as CSR and social participation by young people.

Participants in the seminar and people concerned with it Participants in the seminar and people concerned with it

BIL will continuously support young entrepreneurs who run a business to address social challenges and regional revitalization by sponsoring the entrepreneur seminar.

The Brother Forests in Gujo Marks Its 10th Anniversary

Brother has planted 5,906 trees in its activities so far

Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) concluded an agreement with Gifu Prefecture and Gujo City therein to designate three areas in the city, including a former ski area, as the "Brother Forests in Gujo" in 2008 and since then has conducted reforestation activities.
BIL has implemented tree planting twice a year, in the spring and the fall, since the execution of the agreement. A total of 5,906 trees were planted during the period from the first activity in June 2008 to the 20th activity in October 2017.

In the tree planting activity carried out in October 2017, BIL received a letter of gratitude from the mayor of Gujo City in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the agreement, and also conducted commemorative tree planting by four employees who had taken part in all 20 activities since 2008.
One of the four employees said: "I just enjoyed planting trees as recreation at the beginning. I, however, have grown a strong attachment to the Brother Forests and now plant trees with a desire to see the forests grow up. I would like to nurture the forests together with people concerned with tree planting."

The wooden letter of gratitude presented by the mayor of Gujo City The wooden letter of gratitude presented by the mayor of Gujo City Commemorative tree planting by the employees who have joined all the tree planting activities so far Commemorative tree planting by the employees who have joined all the tree planting activities so far

Brother continues to promote reforestation at the Brother Forests in Gujo with its employees while consulting with local residents.

Brother Offers Classes to Economically Disadvantaged Students in Argentina

Employees serve as teachers and give classes on various themes

Brother International Corporation de Argentina S.R.L. (BIC (Argentina)) began offering classes to economically disadvantaged students in 2017 in cooperation with the non-governmental organization "Fundación Caminando Juntos."

During 2017, 19 employees of BIC (Argentina) served as teachers and gave a total of twelve weekly two-hour lessons to 14 students aged 17 and 18 from Esteban Echeverria School. Aiming to help these students, who would enter the work force in the near future, to acquire necessary knowledge and skills, the classes focused on themes that might be of interest to them, such as financial strategy, ethics, leadership, personal finance, and tax. The classes were also designed to be easy for the students to understand by using presentations and movies.

A class given by an employee A class given by an employee

Some of the students told that the program helped them prepare for the world of work and know today's business environment.
One of the employees said that the activity was very interesting and highly positive for both the students and the employees, and also gave a message to young people that it is possible to achieve their goals and grow professionally and humanly if they strive and commit to doing so.

BIC (Argentina), together with its employees, will continuously work to make its local community a better place.

One of Brother's Sales Companies in Germany Is Engaged in Social Contribution Activities Tailored to Meet Local Needs

BIMH contributes to bringing smiles to children and establishing a medical system in its local community

Brother Internationale Industriemaschinen GmbH (BIMH), which is a sales subsidiary of Brother located in Emmerich, a city in the northwest of Germany, conducts a variety of local contribution activities throughout the year.

In May, BIMH co-sponsored the "Truckers Run," an event where children with serious diseases or disabilities, who were limited in opportunities to go out, enjoyed a driving trip by truck. This event aims to enable such children to feel the joy of going out by making a four-hour, 65-km round trip from Kalkar to 's-Heerenberg through Emmerich and some small villages, with one child in the front passenger seat of each truck.
At the end of the tour, 130 teddy bears donated from BIMH were given to the participants so that they would be able to recall the joyful feeling during the driving trip at any time.

A long procession of trucks carrying children drove through a town A long procession of trucks carrying children drove through a town

In October, in response to a request from the local ambulance service institution in Emmerich, BIMH donated part of the purchase cost of teddy bears. The teddy bears are used by the staff of the institution as gifts to young children who are taken to the hospital by ambulance in order to alleviate their anxiousness. The institution got about 2,000 bears through donations from BIMH and other local companies.

In November, BIMH donated an automated external defibrillator (AED). In Germany, public facilities, such as theaters, have started the installation of an AED to respond to emergency situations. The donated AED was installed in a municipal theater, which had been familiar to local residents, at the beginning of November and helped prepare the theater for emergencies.

The AED donated to the municipal theater The AED donated to the municipal theater

Comment from the employee responsible for these events:
We will respond to local needs.

Brother Internationale Industriemaschinen GmbH
Stachetzki, Folker

We were able to conduct activities that brought smiles to children suffering from serious diseases or disabilities and also support the establishment of a medical system in our local theater. We will respond to local needs continuously.

BIMH will continuously conduct social contribution activities, always considering how to contribute to the local community.

Brother's R&D Facility in China Supports Disadvantaged People

Employees donate books and clothes

In 2017, Brother System Technology Development (Hangzhou) Ltd. (BSH), the R&D facility of the Brother Group in China, donated books and clothes to needy people.

In September, BSH donated books to a school with poor educational resources to provide an opportunity for children to enjoy stories and deepen their knowledge through book reading.
The company sent 95 picture books and novels gathered from its employees to the children of a school located in Liu Pan Shui City, Guizhou Province.

The employees who donated many books The employees who donated many books

In October, BSH gave clothes to deprived people so that they would be able to stay warm during the severe cold winter months. In response to the company's call for clothing donations, employees donated a total of 45 clothes, including coats, mufflers, and gloves, and these clothes were delivered to people living in Baoding City, Hebei Province through a non-profit organization.

The employee responsible for these activities told that he was delighted to be of any help to people by providing books and clothes, and that he would like to further enlist associates to offer more books and clothes in the following year and beyond.

BSH will continuously advance its efforts, always keeping local contribution in mind.

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