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With Local Communities

Social Contribution Activities on a Global Scale

Promoting Social Contribution Activities with a Sense of Unity within the Whole Brother Group

The Brother Group carries out various social contribution activities in different countries and regions in accordance with the concept of the Brother Group Global Charter: "The Brother Group must always be a good corporate citizen, sharing our social, economic and cultural resources in all the communities where the Brother Group operates." The Brother Group, in particular, focuses on the following two activities and conducts them on a global scale in cooperation with the group facilities in respective countries and regions, aiming to globally promote social contribution activities that further enhance a sense of unity within the entire Brother Group.

  1. Activities related to eco-conscious efforts
  2. Activities focusing on "communities" and "personal development (including employees)"

Efforts in FY2017

The Brother Group positively and continuously considers the environmental impact of all aspects of its business operations based on "Brother Earth," the logo and slogan that symbolize the Brother Group's environmental activities. As part of such efforts, in FY2017, the Brother Group globally worked on developing energy-saving products, reducing energy consumption in factories, supporting environmental groups, and conducting environmental conservation activities with employees.

Regarding activities for communities and personal development, the Brother Group has been cosponsoring the Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar in Japan since 2008 to assist young entrepreneurs who address local challenges. In addition, the Group has been promoting activities which provide it with a sense of unity on a global scale. In FY2017, employees in 22 group facilities around the world, including Japan, the U.S., and New Zealand, participated in worldwide charity activities to support cancer patients and to fight against cancer.

Social contribution activities in different countries and regions (by category)

Category Activity Facility
Activities related to eco-conscious efforts Globally supporting environmental groups and conducting environmental conservation activities with employees, based on the slogan of "Brother Earth" Brother Industries, Ltd.
The Brother Group's manufacturing and sales facilities in respective countries and regions
Activities focusing on "communities" and "personal development" Cosponsoring the Tokai Young Entrepreneur Seminar designed to assist young entrepreneurs who address local challenges Brother Industries, Ltd.
Participating with employees in charity activities which aim to support cancer patients and conquer cancer

Twenty-two facilities around the world, including:

  • Brother Industries, Ltd.
  • Brother International Corporation (U.S.A.)
  • Brother International (NZ) Ltd.

Employees' Participation in the Golden Ring Project

The Brother Group has been promoting participation in charity events to support cancer patients, aiming to conduct social contribution activities with its employees and with a sense of unity on a global scale. In 2011, the group named such activities the "Golden Ring Project," imagining a ring of support on a world map drawn by connecting the support activities conducted by respective group facilities with a line. In FY2017, employees and their families at 22 group facilities all over the world participated in this project.
Many of the facilities working on the "Golden Ring Project" take part in the charity event "Relay For Life." In this event, participants make donations and walk for 24 hours with their team members to increase their awareness and knowledge about cancer and encourage cancer patients. Donations raised are used for new cancer treatment/medication development, scholarships for young doctors, and so forth.

In June 2017, Brother Industries (Slovakia) s.r.o. (BISK), one of the manufacturing facilities of the Brother Group in Europe, joined the charity event "Run for Life" in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, as part of the "Golden Ring Project."
This event aimed to spread correct knowledge about breast cancer and raise funds to fight against it. Each of approximately four thousand participants purchased a T-shirt in pink, the symbol color for the fight against cancer, as a participation pass and walked a 4 km course. The sales of the T-shirts, which amounted to about 24 thousand euros, were donated to an organization supporting breast cancer patients.

BISK employees in pink T-shirts walked the course BISK employees in pink T-shirts walked the course

One of the BISK employees who joined the event said: "I took my baby daughter to this walk, hopefully when she is grown up nobody will suffer from breast cancer thanks to scientific research and improvements in treatment."

The main facilities which participated in the "Golden Ring Project" in FY2017

Golden Ring Project

  • New Zealand

    New Zealand

  • United States

    United States

  • Shanghai


  • Taiwan


  • Germany


  • United Kingdom

    United Kingdom

  • Singapore


  • Zhuhai


  • Japan


  • Slovakia


  • Indonesia


  • France


  • South Korea

    South Korea

  • Australia


  • Vietnam


  • Hong Kong

    Hong Kong

  • Thailand


  • South Africa

    South Africa

  • Philippines


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Brother's Response to Large-scale Disasters

The Brother Group has been working together with its employees to provide support to the areas affected by large-scale disasters, which occur around the world, tailoring such support to each local situation and the extent of damage.

Brother’s main support includes the following two ways.

  1. Monetary donations from the Brother Group
  2. "Kizuna Fund," which is composed of donations from employees, and their volunteer activities

Monetary donations from the group companies are sent mainly to the Red Cross or NPOs as emergency assistance while donations and volunteer activities by employees are provided in a way that meets the needs of each affected area.

In July 2017, Brother donated Kizuna Fund, which was raised by the Brother Group employees, to Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture, where the company had been supporting since the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The donated money is used for the "global human resources development program," which is currently conducted by the town in line with its reconstruction policies.

In the donation ceremony held in Shichigahama Town, Town Mayor Terasawa expressed his gratitude for Brother's support so far for Kizuna Park, Kizuna Library, and so forth. The mayor also told that the donations presented that time would be used to purchase picture books, books, and English educational materials designed for children to get familiar with English, and that he would further promote the reconstruction of the town to make it attractive.

From the left: Mayor Terasawa and Brother's president at the time From the left: Mayor Terasawa and Brother's president at the time

In addition, Brother has regularly held markets for employees since 2013, aiming to help the reconstruction of quake-hit areas by purchasing goods made in such areas.
In November 2017, the 14th market by the Brother Group was held in the commemoration event for the 75th anniversary of the founding of Nissei Corporation, one of the Brother Group companies. This event invited not only group employees but also community residents, and about 200 people bought goods from the quake-stricken Tohoku region and Kumamoto Prefecture.

An employee buying an item in the market An employee buying an item in the market

The Brother Group will continuously provide reconstruction assistance in order not to let the memories of the earthquake disasters fade away.

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