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With Employees

Talent Development

Working toward Talent Development for Global Business

Respecting diversity and individuality among employees and cultivating global talent who can deliver superior value

As stated in the "Our Associates" section of the Brother Group Global Charter, the Brother Group gives priority to:

  • respecting associates' diversity;
  • utilizing associates' talents and abilities to the fullest; and
  • giving associates great opportunity through challenging work assignments.

At the Brother Group, we believe that talent development tailored to respective countries, regions, and business segments and the upgrade of relevant systems lead to helping employees fully use their talents and enhance skills over a long period of time. Based on this idea, we are committed to creating a better environment for fostering employees’ talents and building various systems.

As part of such efforts, we have been providing training courses which aim to nurture managerial talent at our manufacturing facilities outside Japan and programs that enable employees to work in different countries at an early stage of their careers, including a program designed for young employees in Japan to be sent abroad as trainees.

The Brother Group will globally promote fostering human resources in a well-planned, long-term manner while sharing information on talent development activities conducted in respective countries and regions among the whole group.

Brother Develops Talent Who Can Address Global Issues

Employees develop a broad perspective and high expertise through various experiences

Since FY2008, the Brother Group has conducted the "trainee program," a training program in which trainees are dispatched from Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) to group companies and vice versa, aiming to foster talent who have a broad vision, high expertise, and the ability to respond to global business challenges.

This training is designed for young employees selected based on Brother's talent development plan to receive on-the-job training (OJT) ranging from three months to two years in line with the training plans formulated beforehand by both their dispatchers and receivers.
The trainee program had mainly focused on providing trainees with training associated with their area of expertise. However, in FY2015, it also started offering training outside trainees' specialty to help them gain new knowledge through experience. Such training, for example, includes giving an opportunity for a developer to visit a customer with a sales person to listen to on-site needs and usage conditions directly from the customer.

During FY2017, BIL sent 31 trainees to group companies in the UK, India and so forth while it received 13 trainees from group companies in the Philippines and China. An employee, who was in his second year in BIL, was dispatched to Taiwan Brother Industries, Ltd. (Taiwan Brother), the manufacturing facility of the Brother Group in Taiwan, to acquire techniques and skills. There, he was engaged in assembly work and improved the operational techniques which he found difficulty in acquiring by asking skilled workers for advice. He eventually completed the assembly of a whole commercial embroidery machine and felt his efforts in learning bore fruit.

Adjustment with a microscope Adjustment with a microscope

In a questionnaire conducted in November 2017 for the employees who had been sent from BIL, an employee commented that his experience in the sales field helped him to further incorporate customer perspectives into product development, and another said that new knowledge and perspectives gained through the program made her more conscious of overall optimization.

The Brother Group will continuously cultivate global talent who can deliver superior value.

Production Innovation Dept., Personal & Home Business Division, Brother Industries, Ltd. Takuro Kanada

Comment from an employee who participated in the trainee program:
Active interaction leads to lots of learning

Production Innovation Dept., Personal & Home Business Division, Brother Industries, Ltd.
Takuro Kanada

When I was in my second year of joining BIL, I took training mainly in the sewing machine assembly lines in Taiwan Brother for the three months from September 2017 in order to learn the fundamentals of manufacturing, which were hard to directly experience in BIL with few production sites, based on three facts (real place, real thing, and real situation).
In the training, I always made conscious efforts to proactively interact with local employees in Chinese or the Taiwanese that I learned from them, in order to absorb on-site opinions, manufacturing awareness, daily production processes, and actions to be taken, to the extent possible. Consequently, I was able to identify the challenges and areas for improvement in my assigned task in Japan, the promotion of various collaborations between BIL and overseas facilities, and also gain lots of insight. This program provided me with such an excellent experience.

Brother's Sales Subsidiaries in the Asia and Pacific Region Gather to Hold a Talent Development Conference

Participants share their approaches to realizing "Talent Transformation" and talk about future measures to promote talent development

At Brother, a talent development conference is held once a year by Brother International Corporation (BIC (J)), which supervises Brother's sales subsidiaries in the Asia and Pacific region, to share and learn the approaches taken by each of these subsidiaries beyond countries and regions.

In the conference held in Nagoya in September 2017, fifteen participants from nine subsidiaries in Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Taiwan, India, and Japan shared their activities for achieving "Talent Transformation" set forth in the Brother Group's mid-term business strategy "CS B2018" and also discussed future measures to promote talent development.
BIC (J) introduced its system for formulating a career plan for each employee, and conducting employee interviews and managing the development progress of each individual based on the plan. It also introduced weekly one-on-one dialogues between a supervisor and a subordinate over eight months to help the subordinate get insight for improvement by reviewing his/her actions and thoughts.
Brother International Singapore Pte. Ltd. made a presentation on a method for increasing its organizational power in which the characteristics of each employee, such as thought and an action pattern, are analyzed, and that analysis is utilized to promote collaboration in the company.
In addition, the participants brought a variety of ideas as measures to further promote talent development, such as personnel exchanges across countries and regions.

Participants talking about future talent development Participants talking about future talent development

One of the participants said: "The one-on-one dialogues that provide a growth opportunity for employees is interesting. I would like to initiate the efforts in my facility." Another said: "I would like to further discuss talent development systems across countries and regions."

The Brother Group will be continuously committed to talent development that helps employees maximize their capabilities and skills for long years.

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