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Promotion of Health and Productivity Management

Promoting Employee Health Management by Establishing the "Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Philosophy"

Establishing a framework for promoting health and productivity management

The Brother Group aims to create superior value through manufacturing and deliver products and services to customers around the world. With this purpose in mind, all employees in the Group are every day playing active roles on a global stage.
As stipulated in the Brother Group Global Charter, which defines Basic Policies and Codes of Practice as the basis of such activities, the Brother Group places importance on every employee's health management so that they can strive to achieve their goals, and ultimately, contribute to the Group's success.

In September 2016, Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) established the Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Philosophy (Health & Productivity Management Philosophy). Under the leadership of the Chief Health Officer (CHO), the Brother Group will continue to undertake various activities strategically based on the Health & Productivity Management Philosophy.

Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Philosophy

The Brother Group considers the physical and mental health of every employee as an important "asset," and thinks demonstrating various capabilities "positively, pleasantly and powerfully" leads to the Group's growth.
Every employee's health is the basis of the Brother Group's continued development and responds to the needs of society, such as extension of healthy life expectancy. To realize health and productivity management, the Company, labor union, and health insurance association collaborate and strategically strive to maintain and promote employees' health.

Brother Industries, Ltd.
Representative Director & President
Chief Health Officer
Ichiro Sasaki

Health & Productivity Management Promotion Structure

Under the Health & Productivity Management Promotion Structure, the Brother Group is conducting employee health maintenance and promotion activities in an effective and efficient way while implementing the PDCA cycle. The Group has already started these activities in BIL and the group companies in Japan and will sequentially expand them to the group companies outside Japan.

Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Promotion Structure

Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Promotion Structure

Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Promotion Council

The Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Promotion Council, composed of the safety and health managers at BIL and the group companies in Japan, holds an annual meeting to identify issues about employee health and decide on an action policy for the next fiscal year.
In FY2016, the council set targets for such issues as lifestyle-related diseases prevention, mental healthcare, quit-smoking support, and health literacy improvement.
In the meeting held in FY2017, the council shared the progress of the efforts made to achieve the targets and listened to presentations on the activities conducted by the group companies which were recognized as outstanding health and productivity management organizations. In addition, it was announced that the "CHO" awards had been established to recognize group companies that are committed to employee health maintenance and promotion activities and produce successful results.

Health Support Meeting

The Health Support Meeting decides specific activities to achieve numerical targets, discusses implementation methods, and evaluates the results based on the policies set by the Brother Group Health & Productivity Management Promotion Council. The Health Management Center in Human Resources Department of BIL, the Health Promotion Center of the Brother Health Insurance Society, and Brother Memorial Hospital work together to advance health maintenance and promotion activities, such as collaborative events with the Brother Industries Labor Union.

Maintaining and Improving Mental and Physical Health

Aiming to maintain and improve the health of employees in the entire Brother Group

BIL established the Health Management Center and has been committed to the health management, mental healthcare and health enhancement of the Group's employees. The Brother Group's facilities in respective countries and regions have industrial physicians, or work with medical organizations to maintain and improve the mental and physical health of employees.
In FY2017, the industrial physicians and health nurses of the Health Management Center visited the manufacturing facility Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd., the R&D facility Brother System Technology Development (Hangzhou) Ltd., and the sales facility Brother International (India) Private Ltd. During the visit, they held health interviews with employees dispatched from BIL and their families and mental health seminars for them, and collected and provided medical information by gathering opinions about living environments and visiting medical institutions located near the facilities. They also exchanged information with medical support services firms that provide dispatched workers with appointment or interpretation services for hospital visits and support for severe diseases.

Promoting mental health by preventing disorders, detecting them at an early stage, and supporting patients

BIL has been continuously providing mental health education to its employees since 2007, the year following the establishment of the Health Management Center.
Through this education, BIL aims to help employees become aware of their own stress and take appropriate measures against it (primary prevention) and to help superiors identify their subordinates with mental disorders at an early stage and support such subordinates (secondary prevention). The company also helps employees who have developed mental disorders continue to work in their own ways, assisting such employees to return to work (tertiary prevention) in collaboration with their workplaces.
All employees take self-care training, which is designed for primary prevention, when they reach milestone ages. In the training, participants learn from the actual case examples which have occurred within the company, considering how they would control their health and cope with their stress if they experienced the same situations.

Self-care training Self-care training

In accordance with the amendment of the Industrial Safety and Health Act, BIL instituted a stress check system in FY2014. In FY2017, the results of a stress survey conducted were analyzed on a group basis to assess the health risks of each department. The health risk results were reported from industrial physicians and health nurses to managers in all departments, and each department recognized its own stress-related issues and considered measures to improve its working conditions.

Supporting employees' health control

The Health Management Center designates every October and November as the "Brother Healthy Life Months" and is engaged in various efforts in cooperation with the Brother Health Insurance Society, the Brother Industries Labor Union, and the Workplace Safety and Disaster Prevention Group of Human Resources Department.
In FY2017, with the aim of creating an opportunity for employees to overcome physical inactivity, the center organized the health class titled "Brother exercise---easy to take up and to practice every day" and held it in respective worksites with health nurses.
Through such efforts to tailor the health class to fit the company's situations, the Health Management Center strives to prevent the metabolic syndrome and other diseases and to maintain and promote health.

Notice of the Brother Healthy Life Months Notice of the Brother Healthy Life Months

In addition, to achieve a total ban on smoking in all premises of BIL in order to protect employees against passive smoking, smoking in any of BIL buildings has been prohibited since FY2016, and smoking during working hours has been thoroughly prohibited since FY2018.
BIL will strengthen its support for preventing passive smoking among employees and for quitting smoking.

Outdoor smoking area Outdoor smoking area

The Brother Group will be committed to maintaining and enhancing the physical and mental health of employees.

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