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Flexibility and Cooperation Developed by Listening to Customers

Remaining a company that can transform itself to respond to changes in the business environment

We are facing a rapidly changing business environment, such as the diversification of business tools and markets, and changes in customers' behavior. "Flexibility" and "cooperation with business partners" are indispensable for Brother to handle these situations.
We cope with such changes by listening to customers, taking advantage of the technologies, expertise and know-how we have developed, and working in proper cooperation with partners in the fields where we lack strength or experience.
Brother aims to be able to transform itself in this way.

Brother Holds the Global Service Summit to Further Improve Its Product and Service Quality

P&S offers enhanced support and prompt after-sales services to gain customer loyalty

The Printing & Solutions Business Division (P&S) of Brother Industries, Ltd. has held the Global Service Summit every year since 2007 with the aim of further improving its product and service quality. This summit is the advanced successor of the Global Service Meeting, which was launched in 2000 to discuss quality issues.

The summit is attended by the quality and service departments of Brother's regional headquarters in the Americas, Europe, Asia, China, and Japan to share the basic service policies of the Brother Group and discuss how the whole group works together to address critical challenges towards realizing its global service strategies. Each department reports on its specific activities and data, such as customer support with IT and AI and the analysis results of customer feedback. Participants brought back their findings from the summit to their regions in order to further increase the level of services.

A participant reporting on service activities A participant reporting on service activities Participants exchanging opinions Participants exchanging opinions

The aspirations of P&S's Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Department are to identify customer needs based on market information and incorporate them into future products and services, and to develop strong credibility with the consumers of P&S products by providing services that satisfy them. To this end, it has been working towards zero defects through an original management system called the "Brother Value Chain Management" (BVCM) and providing continuous full support and prompt after-sales services to win customer loyalty.

P&S will remain committed to promoting global service activities and strive to effectively and promptly deliver products and services that always satisfy customers around the world.

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