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With Customers

Sales and Service System

Flexibility and Cooperation Developed by Listening to Customers

Remaining a company that can transform itself to respond to changes in the business environment

We are facing a rapidly changing business environment, such as the diversification of business tools and markets, and changes in customers' behavior. "Flexibility" and "cooperation with business partners" are indispensable for Brother to handle these situations.
We cope with such changes by listening to customers, taking advantage of the technologies, expertise, sales channels and know-how we have developed, and working in proper cooperation with partners in the fields where we lack strength or experience.
Brother aims to be able to transform itself in this way.

Brother's Mobile Printers Contribute to the Home Healthcare Front in the U.S.

Brother helps improve clinical efficiency with point-of-care mobile printing

In the U.S., there is a growing trend toward medical rehabilitation in the home, and the number of home health care agencies and home health care visits is on the rise.

Patient visit Patient visit

In January 2017, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), an organization that administers major health care programs in the U.S., updated its regulations for home health care providers. The update includes a provision that home health agencies involved in CMS programs must provide patients with a written plan of care, which might include medication lists, treatment schedules, therapy instructions and more.
These two factors-the growth in the number of home health providers and the requirement by CMS-have created new need for printing, such as a plan of care, at the patient's residence.
Understanding such a situation, Brother Mobile Solutions, Inc., a US-based sales facility of the Brother Group, proposed the introduction of PocketJet® printers to the home health care agency. They are small, light, easy-to-carry mobile printers capable of printing on letter-sized paper (8 1/2 x 11 inches), the standard paper size for many software applications.

Medical data printing at the point of care Medical data printing at the point of care

With the introduction of PocketJet mobile printers, the home health agency has become able to print the necessary documents required by CMS's regulations at the point of care, and also become able to provide patients and caregivers with a clear and accurate written plan of care. Furthermore, the introduction, which saves the efforts of making a handwritten document, has led to a 20-minute reduction in clerical work per visit, thus enabling clinicians to spend more time providing patient care and to increase the number of patient visits per day.

The Brother Group continuously listens to customer opinions and flexibly responds to demands in the market.

Brother Globally Promotes Recycling in Response to Customers' Demands

Brother holds the Brother Global Recycling Summit to provide hints and know-how available in respective facilities

Aiming to establish a recycling-based society, Brother started the recycling of used toner cartridges at Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd. (BIUK) in 2004 in response to demands from European customers with high environmental concerns. Subsequently, Brother has expanded its recycling efforts globally to include Slovakia, the U.S. and Japan, and now conducts various activities with BIUK's Recycle Technology Centre serving as a hub for recycling in the Brother Group.

Brother has held the Brother Global Recycling Summit every year since 2011 to efficiently produce recycled products that are high quality and as good as new. In 2017, this summit was held at Brother Industries (Slovakia) s.r.o. with attendance of more than 45 employees from BIUK, Brother Industries (U.S.A.) Inc., Brother Industries, Ltd. and other group facilities.
The summit functions as a place for participating employees to obtain hints and know-how usable in their own facilities, providing them with opportunities to share Brother's toner recycling activities and recycling technologies and to see improvements in the process of recycling on site.

Employees listening to presentations on activities conducted by the group facilities in the summit Employees listening to presentations on activities conducted by the group facilities in the summit

In addition, their interaction in the summit led to creating the opportunity of personnel exchange, in which development personnel in BIL stay in BIUK for three months and study recycling technologies to reflect recycling know-how in the design of toner cartridges.

Clean room in BIUK Clean room in BIUK

The Brother Group will continue to share technologies and information on a global basis and promote the production of recycled toner cartridges with the quality that satisfies customers' demands to build a recycling-based society.

Managing Director of BIUK Craig McCubbin

Comment from the person in charge of the Brother Global Recycling Summit:
Promote the recycling of toner cartridges on a global basis
Managing Director of BIUK
Craig McCubbin

The Brother Global Recycling Summit brings together representatives from design, production and the sales offices and is a great opportunity to share best practice and hear the voice of the customer. We should continue this event and try to promote the recycle activity of toner cartridges on a global basis.

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