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Brother Group's CSR

CSR Targets of the Brother Group

CSR Management Targets of the Brother Group Based on the Brother Group Global Charter

Autonomous efforts in respective regions

The Brother Group has various business operations in progress around the world. To promote CSR management in such a situation, the Brother Group companies in respective regions work autonomously to address their CSR management targets identified based on the Brother Group Global Charter (Global Charter), the foundation for every activity in the group, while considering their operational characteristics and regional culture and customs.

Stakeholders Brother Group Global Charter Targets
  • Place our customers first everywhere, every time
  • Quickly respond to the demands and expectations of the global marketplace
  • Make the most of our limited resources in our chosen business domains
  • Practice a customer-oriented, global strategy through close cooperation
Promote customer-oriented marketing, product planning, development, and design (in respective business categories)
Promote design quality that meets customers' expectations (in respective business categories)
Ensure design quality that can reduce the rate of product return and servicing (in respective business categories)
Ensure manufacturing quality that can reduce the rate of product return and servicing (in respective business categories)
Build a customer-oriented sales and service system (in respective business categories)
Our employees
  • Respect the diversity of associates
  • Honor individuals and diversity, and act with trust and respect
Ensure the diversity of human assets
Support diverse work styles
  • Provide a working environment that enables our associates to utilize their talents and abilities to the fullest, and give them great opportunity through challenging work assignments
Develop human assets in respective regions
Develop global human assets who will lead the growth of the next generation
Ensure safety and health and disaster prevention
Promote health and productivity management
  • Provide associates with fair, attractive financial rewards
Implement an appropriate evaluation system
  • Expect associates to be positive members of society
  • Expect associates to share the Company's values
Share the Global Charter
Develop a workplace culture in which employees can work with pride
Build the highest integrity
Business partners
  • Act fairly with business partners
  • Build strong, respectful working relationships for mutual growth
Promote CSR procurement
Cooperate with supply partners
Cooperate with logistics partners
Cooperate with distribution partners
  • Develop long-term, trustful relationships with shareholders through regular, open communication
Promote IR communication
Become a component of socially responsible investment indices
Local community
  • Share our social, economic and cultural resources in all the communities where the Brother Group operates
Promote self-directed social contribution activities in respective regions mainly based on the themes of "activities related to eco-conscious efforts" and "activities focusing on 'communities' and 'personal development (including employees)'"
Promote social contribution activities under a globally shared vision
  • Help society achieve sustainable development, by positively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations
Promote reduction in CO2 emissions and waste (to help prevent global warming)
Promote collection and recycling of consumables and products (to build a recycling-oriented society)
Ensure proper management of chemical substances and wastewater
Implement environmental and social contribution activities (while focusing on biodiversity as far as possible)
Implement environmental communication (through "Brother Earth," events, education programs, and etc.)
  • Respect the culture, rules and spirit of laws, in all countries and regions where the Brother Group operates
  • Act with the highest integrity
Build a global governance framework
Promote internal control
Promote compliance
Promote information security

FY2017 Action Plans and Achievements and FY2018 Action Plans

Action Plans and Achievements in FY2017

Stakeholders Action Plans for FY2017 Achievements in FY2017
  • Provide stable products and services that are the basis of value for customers
  • Create new customer value in the SMB* and industrial fields
  • Enhance Brother’s brand awareness by using showrooms, SNS, and websites
  • Improve customer value by conducting a door-to-door survey of customers, which is directly connected to the development of various products and services
  • It stands for Small and Medium Business. It includes small offices, small and medium-sized businesses and a business that has offices in multiple dispersed locations.
  • Carried out a door-to-door survey of customers on a global scale and provided customers with value that suited their usage conditions
  • Worked on product development with the purpose of delivering new value in the SMB* and industrial fields
  • Provided an online chat service (in China)
  • Increased Brother’s brand awareness by displaying the products and historical materials of Brother in showrooms
  • Made group-wide efforts to collect and analyze information on where and how Brother products are used and establish realistic inspection/evaluation technologies and methods, and ensure product reliability not only by inspecting products in respective factories but also by selecting reliable raw materials and parts when designing products
Our employees
  • Promote activities for sharing the Global Charter and cooperation among Brother facilities
  • Build a corporate culture to achieve the Brother Group medium-term business strategy "CS B2018"
  • Develop human resources for global business (cultivation of managers in Brother facilities outside Japan, global recruitment)
  • Promote supporting women's success
  • Create a pleasant working environment and promote work-life balance
  • Promote activities for safety, health and disaster prevention
  • Foster the next generation of leaders
  • Develop a workplace culture in which employees can work with pride
  • Improve the level of satisfaction among employees by conducting an employee awareness survey
  • Conducted the Global Charter promotional activities themed on "fostering a culture that encourages transformation" at each facility
  • Conducted education programs for manager candidates based on globally consistent standards and professional training tailored to local characteristics
  • Implemented a program to increase employees’ motivation to take on challenges
  • Carried out measures to support women, such as supporting their careers and creating an environment where they can work healthily and effectively, based on suggestions from an in-house working group established for promoting women’s success
  • Recognized as one of the outstanding health and productivity management organizations
Business partners
  • Promote CSR procurement
  • Conduct CSR study sessions with business partners
  • Share the Brother Group's CSR activities and those of business partners
  • Commend superior business partners
  • Conducted study sessions to learn CSR procurement and other subjects with business partners and questionnaires in respective Brother facilities
  • Posted business partners’ CSR activities, future targets and plans on Brother’s corporate website
  • Recognized excellent business partners at Brother’s manufacturing facilities
Local community
  • Support reconstruction from large-scale disasters
  • Participate with employees in social contribution activities with a sense of unity on a global scale (Relay For Life and other charity events that support cancer patients)
  • Promote community-based social contribution activities
  • Provided continuous support for reconstruction activities after large-scale disasters, including the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquakes
  • Involved 19 facilities around the world in the Golden Ring Project, which aims to contribute to society with employees and with a sense of unity on a global scale (including Relay For Life and other charity events that support cancer patients)
  • Contributed to medical systems, supported education, and conducted cleanup activities in the local communities where the Brother Group facilities are located
  • Conduct energy-saving activities to achieve the CO2 emissions reduction target of the whole Brother Group
  • Collect used cartridges
  • Promote ISO 14001 activities
  • Enhance environmental consciousness through the environmental special website ""
  • Promote the Brother Group Eco Point activities
  • Conduct tree-planting activities
  • Carry out environmental preservation activities in cooperation with local communities
  • Publicize the Aichi Biodiversity Targets
  • Continue to create eco-friendly products
  • Conducted energy-saving activities while setting a target for CO2 emissions at each facility
  • Collected used toner or ink cartridges on a global scale
  • Reduced and recycled waste arising from business activities while setting a target for waste generation at each facility
  • Supported environmental preservation activities through the environmental special website ""
  • Conducted tree-planting activities in cooperation between respective Brother facilities around the world and their local communities

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