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Corporate Governance


Compliance at the Brother Group

The Brother Group considers compliance with laws and ethics is indispensable for upholding the foundation of its CSR management and avoiding various risks. To ensure compliance on a group basis, we set up our standards for employee behavior based on one of the Codes of Practice of the Brother Group Global Charter, Ethics and Morality; and the Brother Group Principles of Social Responsibility, which clearly define our corporate social responsibility and guide us to fulfill it.
Brother Industries, Ltd. (BIL) formed the Compliance Committee and set up the Employee Hotline for Compliance Issues to prevent violations, to act quickly against them, and to take preventive steps. Respective group companies, including those outside Japan, also have their own Compliance Committees and hotline desks to take such actions.
Critical issues are to be reported not only to the Compliance Committees of respective group companies but also to BIL's Compliance Committee, and thereby the whole Brother Group is able to work together to address such issues.

Compliance promotion structure

Compliance promotion structure

Approaches to Raising Employees' Awareness of Compliance among the Brother Group Companies

Compliance Handbook and Card

With the aim of raising employees' awareness of compliance and ethics, we issued the Compliance Handbook (handbook). This handbook is distributed to employees in BIL and group companies in Japan.
The handbook, composed of compliance codes of conduct, case examples, and quiz-based learning sections, encourages employees to think and learn on their own. We also distribute the Compliance Card, which helps employees decide what action to take when they dither over it in their daily life.

Compliance Education

In Japan, we provide employees with group training programs (orientation for new employees, periodic basic training, and a seminar for those who will be on an oversea assignment) and online training courses via our e-learning system. Outside Japan, meanwhile, we check the situation of education at our manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, the Philippines and so forth, and strive to reinforce education activities based on the check results.
In accordance with the recent trends of laws and regulations, we also look into laws and regulations and promote education and enlightenment activities for respective group companies in order to ensure compliance with each country's bribery prevention laws, antimonopoly laws, etc.

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