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Toward a Sustainable Society

"Environmental Vision 2050" Resource Circulation


Brother Group
Environmental Vision 2050



The vision aims to ensure sustainable use of natural resources in business operations and minimize the environmental impact due to wastes.

Resource Circulation


Toward 2050, the Brother Group will maximize resource circulation to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and minimize the environmental impact due to wastes.

Mid-term target for FY2030

Mechanisms for circulate resources have been established throughout the value chain. Efforts have been made to reduce the amount of new natural resources that are used in main products.

The group's manufacturing facilities continuously endeavor to ensure efficient use of water resources and proper treatment of wastewater.

The mid-term target aims to reduce* the consumption of resources for main products, achieve efficient use of water resources, and ensure proper treatment of wastewater.

Maximize resource circulation

* Regarding the reduction of consumption of resources for products, the reduction target values will be set by FY2020 while monitoring the development of global environmental regulations.

Resource recycling stories

Open up further possibilities for the future global environment.

In Europe, we started recycling in 2004 when we adopted new toner cartridges suitable for recycling.
We can deliver recycled cartridges with the same quality as new ones, by introducing an automatic recycling system.
In 2014, Brother received two honorable awards in the "Responsible Business Award" by a British NPO "Business in the Community", for our excellent contribution to local communities and environment.

Package Design Optimization

Video contents of

The Brother Group's activities to reduce water consumption

Securing safe water resources is an important environmental challenge for the global community. The Brother Group has been working to reduce water consumption to fulfill its responsibilities as an operator of manufacturing facilities in many countries and regions. In the Brother Group Environmental Action Plan 2018 (2016-2018), a target of reducing water consumption by 30% from FY2010 (April 1, 2010-March 31, 2011) levels by FY2018 (April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019) (per unit of sales) has been set. We formulated water management plans at 13 manufacturing facilities and various efforts were made to meet this target. As a result, the water consumption reduction rate became 30.5% in FY2018 and we achieved the target. We will continuously endeavor to ensure efficient use of water resources and proper treatment of wastewater.
We also identify a total of three manufacturing facilities, two in China and one in the Philippines, with extremely high water risk within the Brother group and conduct regular monitoring.

Water recycling: Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd.

Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd. is located in a relatively high water risk area due to lack of water recourses. In FY2018, BMX installed a rainwater tank on the premises for tree planting, which contributed to achieving the Brother Group's target of reducing water consumption.

Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd.

Changes in water consumption at the Brother Group

Changes in water consumption at the Brother Group

Scope of aggregation

FY2010 FY2014-FY2018
Eight business sites in Japan (head office of Brother Industries, Ltd., Mizuho Manufacturing Facility, Hoshizaki Manufacturing Facility, Minato Manufacturing Facility,*1Momozono Manufacturing Facility, Kariya Manufacturing Facility, Research & Development Center, and Logistics Center), Brother Industries (U.K.) Ltd., Taiwan Brother Industries, Ltd., Zhuhai Brother Industries, Co., Ltd., Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd.,*2 Brother Industries (Shenzhen), Ltd.,*3 Brother Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd., Brother Industries Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd.,*4 Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd., Nissei Corporation, Mie Brother Precision Industries, Ltd., and Brother Industries (Slovakia) s.r.o. Brother Industries Saigon, Ltd., Brother Industries (Philippines), Inc. and Brother Machinery Vietnam Co., Ltd. were added to the scope of aggregation on the left.
  1. The Minato Manufacturing Facility stopped production on September 30, 2017.
  2. Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd. is a business site established through the merger of Xian Brother Industries, Co., Ltd. (formerly Xian Typical Brother Industries, Co., Ltd.) with Brother Sewing Machine Xian Co., Ltd. in 2010. In the same year, Brother Sewing Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. transferred its business to Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd.
  3. Brother Industries (Shenzhen), Ltd. was subject to an absorption-type merger in October 2016, with Brother Technology (Shenzhen) Ltd. as the surviving company.
  4. Brother Industries Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. terminated its business operations on March 31, 2017.

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