Environmental Activities: The Brother Group's environmental activity report

Creating Eco-conscious Products

Product Lifecycles—Environmental Considerations

The Brother Group takes the environment into consideration in all stages of our operations, from product development and design, parts and materials procurement, and production, to collection and recycling.

Environmental Compliance of Products

The Brother Group complies with the environmental laws and regulations established in all the countries and regions where we operate.

The Eco Declaration (ECMA-370)

The Brother Group ensures sustainable use of natural resources in business operations and minimizes environmental impact due to waste.

Green Procurement

In 2001, the Brother Group began implementing green procurement activities in order to preferentially procure eco-conscious parts and materials. Together with our suppliers, we have been taking action based on the trends in laws and regulations.

Environmental Labels Obtained

The Brother Group actively obtains environmental labels in the countries and regions around the world where we operate.

Collection and Recycling

The Brother Group has built a system for collecting and recycling consumables such as toner cartridges.

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