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Corporate Environmental Strategy and Management

Brother Group's Environmental Strategy

Environmental policy

The Brother Group's mission is to place our customers first everywhere, every time, and provide them with superior value, by quickly creating and delivering high-quality products and services. To fulfill the mission, it is essential to help society achieve sustainable development, by positively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations. This is the basic principle of the Brother Group Environmental Policy, and is set out in the Brother Group Global Charter, originally published in 1999, that provides the foundation for all Brother Group activities in the global marketplace. The Charter has been translated into 27 languages and been shared with all our employees in order to create a system that is appropriate for a global company transcending differences in culture and customs.

Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050

In March 2018, the Brother Group formulated the Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050 as a new long-term target of the Brother Group to contribute to resolving global environmental issues under the slogan “Brother Earth,” and established a mid-term target for FY2030 as a milestone. The goals are set for CO2 emissions reduction, resource recycling, and biodiversity conservation. The mid-term target for FY2030 for CO2 emissions reduction has been recognized as a target based on scientific evidence by Science Based Targets (SBT), an international initiative established to help achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

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Brother Group's environmental policy

Basic philosophy

The Brother Group helps society achieve sustainable development, by positively and continuously considering the environmental impact of all aspects of our business operations.

Basic environmental policy

Concern for the environment shall be the cornerstone of all operations. Safety and environmental impact shall be prime considerations at every stage of a product's life cycle, from design, development, manufacturing, customer usage, and disposal, to reuse and recycling.

Action Guidelines and specific environmental activities

Action guidelines

Specific environmental activities

1. We will set environmental targets in all areas (manufacturing, production, and service) and continuously improve their environmental aspects.

Both manufacturing and sales facilities work to acquire ISO 14001 certification, and strive to reduce environmental impact by conserving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

2.We will not limit our activities to the observation of laws and regulations in all countries where we conduct business, but will also act with a strong moral responsibility to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact.

A rigorous management framework ensures compliance with environmental laws and regulations in respective countries, prevents oversight and omissions, and enables a quick response.

3. We will always consider waste reduction by more efficient use of resources and recycling of products, and will also avoid creating contamination by hazardous substances when designing and developing both technologies and products.

In developing products, eco-consciousness is considered in various aspects (e.g. energy conservation performance, use of hazardous chemical substances, and ease of recycling).

4.While respecting voluntary activities by each company of the Brother Group, we will also exercise our environmental duties as a united group.

Activities are promoted based on the Brother Group Mid-term Environmental Action Plan, which is the plan for the entire group.

5.We will enhance the environmental understanding and awareness of all employees through activities such as environmental education and PR.

Various educational opportunities are offered to enhance eco-consciousness (including training programs for new employees, technical training programs for engineers, and e-learning programs for all employees).

6. We will actively disclose our environmental efforts to our customers, local communities, and other interested parties to further foster understanding.

Proactive efforts are made to publicize Brother's activities, such as touring facilities with environmental features, participating in exhibitions, offering lessons at elementary schools and other educational institutions, and planting seedlings.

7.We will endeavor to reduce our impact on the ecosystem and to conserve biodiversity in all our operations.

Biodiversity conservation activities include the procurement of biodiversity-conscious raw materials and the use of FSC-certified paper. Projects for the restoration/conservation of forests or other natural habitats are promoted.

Regarding biodiversity conservation, the Brother Group established a biodiversity conservation policy based on the Brother Group Environmental Policy in FY2012 (April 1, 2012-March 31, 2013), and the scope has been expanded to cover activities in all business operations.

Environmental Action Plan

The Brother Group started to formulate its Mid-term Environmental Action Plan in 1993. The Brother Group Environmental Action Plan 2018 (2016-2018), which is the eighth plan, has five basic policies as the environmental targets of the Mid-term Business Strategy "CS B2018," which was formulated as a roadmap to achieve the mid-to long-term corporate vision, Global Vision 21.
In 2009, the Brother Group set the mid-term targets by FY2020 to reduce emissions of CO2, which is considered to be the major contributor to climate change, and has implemented energy conservation measures on an ongoing basis.
Regarding biodiversity conservation, the Brother Group incorporated it into the action guidelines of the Brother Group Environmental Policy in FY2011 (April 1, 2011-March 31, 2012), and established the Brother Group's biodiversity conservation policy in 2012. The Brother Group remains committed to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets to help attain the vision by 2050.

Brother Group Environmental Action Plan 2018 (2016-2018) Basic policy

Create eco-conscious products

To further enhance commitment to developing eco-conscious products, the Brother Group has been working on top-class eco-conscious designs in respective product categories by actively acquiring environmental labels in respective countries and meeting new standards, etc. Based on top-class eco-conscious designs, the Brother Group has been working to reduce the carbon footprints of products in order to reduce the environmental impact of products through their entire life cycle.

Cut CO2 emissions from the group as a three-year target toward achieving the mid-term targets by FY2020 (April 1, 2020-March 31, 2021)

Since FY2013 (April 1, 2013-March 31, 2014), the scope of activities to cut CO2 emissions has been expanded on a group basis. Furthermore, the Brother Group has taken on a challenge to calculate and reduce CO2 emissions from the entire product supply chain, in addition to CO2 emissions from its operations. To verify the calculation results, the Brother Group is subject to verification of compliance with the international standards (ISO14064-1 requirements) established by a third party organization, in an effort to acquire an assurance statement for the accuracy of data.

Maintain regulatory compliance for all product categories

In addition to complying with laws and regulations in respective countries and regions, including the REACH Regulation and RoHS Directive, the Brother Group operates an environmental information system (an IT system for investigating and managing certain chemical substances contained in purchased parts) and audits suppliers from which parts and materials are purchased. Thus, Brother has a group-wide chemical substances assurance system.

Support activities for continuous improvement under our philosophy of "Brother Earth"

The Brother Group helps raise awareness to consider its environmental impact under the "Brother Earth" slogan. Brother's special website on the environment (, presents "Eco Technology" and "Eco-conscious Products" that explain employees' commitment to eco-conscious product development, as well as the Brother Group's environmental conservation activities, etc. The Brother Group actively works on environmental conservation and other activities to contribute to communities in collaboration and cooperation with many stakeholders through interactive communication including "Click for the Earth" in the special website and events with environmental themes.

Support biodiversity conservation in total Brother Group under the COP10 Aichi Biodiversity Targets

As a global company headquartered in the venue of COP10, the Brother Group considers the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (by 2020) as high-priority targets. Respective facilities have been working on biodiversity conservation activities with regional characteristics taken into consideration. The Brother Group endeavors to provide employees with education about biodiversity conservation to help prevent destruction of habitats and recover ecosystem services that are essential for the survival of humankind. Activities will be further promoted to exterminate and prevent the invasion of invasive alien species and conserve the habitats of rare species, etc.

Mid-term Environmental Action Plan (Targets and Achievements)

Brother Earth environmental slogan

To boost our environmental activities, the Brother Group created the "Brother Earth" logo and slogan in 2010 to symbolize our efforts. Under Brother Earth, each Brother Group employee has been further committed to various activities based on a unified message of "Working with you for a better environment."

In 2012, the Brother Group Principles of Social Responsibility were established to define the responsibilities that group companies are expected to assume and the fundamental concept of action for environmental conservation.

"Brother Earth" - Working with you for a better environment

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To appeal to society at large, Brother Earth, Brother's special website on the environment, was launched to simply present Brother's wish and the activities it does to protect the earth.

"5R" concept – the key to reducing environmental impact

From 1999, the Brother Group has been conducting environmental activities based on the "5Rs," which adds "Refuse" and "Reform" to the "Reduce," "Reuse" and "Recycle" 3Rs as the basis for establishing a sound material-cycle society. "Reform" in particular is an original idea from Brother for creating value by introducing novel approaches and ideas for changing the state of a waste material.

"5R" Concept

"5R" Concept


Avoid purchase of environmentally burdensome materials whenever possible


Reduce waste material


Reuse waste material without processing


Reuse materials in a different form


Reuse materials as resources

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