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Environmental Activities "Brother Group's environmental activity report"

List of Contents of the Brother Group Environmental Information

The Brother Group reports its environmental activities on its websites. This "Environmental Activities" website and, Brother's special website on the environment, provide information in different styles depending on the information to be conveyed. Please visit these websites to learn more about Brother's commitment to the environment.

A Simple Outline of Brother's Wish and Activities to Protect the Earth

Brother Earth

Brother Earth was launched for two reasons. First, to share our wish and on-going efforts for environmental protection, and second, to introduce the various environmental technologies that we develop. Our goal for creating Brother Earth is to clearly explain our activities to the general public while offering everyone an opportunity to join one of our projects such as " Click for the Earth ". If this sounds like something that may interest you, visiting Brother Earth is your first step to learn about Brother's numerous environmental activities.

A Simple Outline of Brother's Wish and Activities to Protect the Earth

Brother Group's Environmental Activities Communications

Environmental Activities

The "Environmental Activities" pages introduce numerical targets with some concrete data while listing the Brother Group's environmental policy, action plan, and achievements. As we strive to improve the Brother Group's effort to achieve a sustainable society, we are committed to providing a wide range of information concerning our environmental activities for our stakeholders.

Editing Policy

Brother's Worldwide Environmental Conservation Activities

Global Activities

Expanding the Circle of Brother Earth Activities-Worldwide.
Please check each website to see the activities in different regions.


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