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Corporate Governance

Product Information Security Basic Policy

The Brother Group's mission is to place our customers first everywhere, every time, with the "At your side." policy. In order to provide secure products from Information security point of view and ensure that customers can use the purchased products with confidence, we establish the following basic policy to firmly implement and promote this.

1. Compliance with laws, regulations and contracts related to information security

We shall understand and comply with information security related laws and regulations of each country, and contracts with customers and partner companies.

2. Company regulations and organizational structure

In order to maintain and improve the information security level of Brother products, we shall establish internal rules concerning product information security, build a company-wide organizational structure and make continuous improvements as advised by top management.

3. Response to product information incident

Regarding the use of Brother products, if an information incident, reputational damage, violation of laws and regulations occurs, or if such a risk is discovered, we will make efforts to minimize damage. This can be through investigation of the cause of incident, investigation of the scope of impact, risk assumption, implementation of necessary measures, promptly providing necessary information to customers, partner companies, and other external organizations related to security. We will also implement corrective measures to prevent recurrence.

4. Prevention of product information incident

To prevent product information incidents, we shall establish standards and implementation procedures, and implement security measures throughout the full product lifecycle of planning, research and development, manufacturing, market use, repair, and disposal.
In addition, we will continuously review the standards and implementation procedures, and reflect countermeasures against new threats in products.
And we will continue to send information for customers to use the product securely.

5. Implementation of education on product information security

In order to ensure that all officers and employees involved in product information security can perform their work with information security literacy, we shall thoroughly familiarize them with this basic policy and continue to implement education on product information security.

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