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Prospering with the Brother Group

CSR procurement is an increasingly accepted practice worldwide. Endorsing and ensuring CSR procurement helps companies avoid social risks and gain more opportunities to acquire new customers. The Brother Group is proud to do business with suppliers who uphold this notion and commit themselves to prosperity with us based on mutual trust. We have received much feedback from these suppliers.

Comments from Suppliers

Dongguan Wah Hing Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. Ms. Xiaolizhi

Implementing and improving CSR activities continuously

Dongguan Wah Hing Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.
Ms. Xiaolizhi

Our CSR activities up to now

  1. Have provided regular education and training on the leakage of chemical substances and disaster prevention every year.
  2. Held a company-wide blood donation charity drive in November 2017.
  3. Conducted a company-wide initiative to donate clothes to a poor area in Sichuan Province in June 2018.
  4. Have provided health classes taught by hospital doctors for all employees since 2017.
  5. Proposed energy conservation and CO2 reduction, and developed targets for reducing environmental burdens in the use of water, electricity, and paper.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

  1. Build a rich corporate culture and develop human resources.
  2. Encourage employees to participate in social contribution activities.
  3. Provide safe production education and health classes.
  4. Implement and improve CSR activities continuously.

Daiho (Phils.), Inc. Ms. Lyngen Madriñan

Implementing various CSR activities, including the creation of a better working environment and environmental initiatives

Daiho (Phils.), Inc.
Ms. Lyngen Madriñan

Our CSR activities up to now

  1. We have regular Labor and Management meeting.
  2. Implementation of Monthly Improvement Suggestion/ Productivity Program (KAIZEN).
  3. Have provided safety training, including emergency evacuation, fire drills and proper usage of Fire Extinguishers.
  4. We check employees' working environment and conduct health check-up and free flu vaccination to all employees every year.
  5. We joined and participated in "Fun Run" activities related to EMS Project. *EMS:Emergency Medical Services
  6. Continue and support 3R "Reuse Reduce and Recycle" program.
  7. Target "Zero Accident" rate in the company by classifying present hazards in the area.
  8. We practice zero usage of plastic straws and styro in the canteen.
  9. Improved knowledge in classification of hazards thru written examination (KIKEN YOCHI).

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

  1. Improve and continue CSR activities to create a better working environment for all employees.
  2. Continue achieve zero accident rate in the company.
  3. Improve and reduce of disposal of hazardous waste.
  4. Continue support unfortunate students who can't afford to buy their school supplies thru Brigada Eskwela.

Tiee Ing Plastics Granulating Co., Ltd Ms. Nguyen Quynh Trang

Establishing our 2018 CSR target "Remain and improve continuously CSR activities"

Tiee Ing Plastics Granulating Co., Ltd
Ms. Nguyen Quynh Trang

Our CSR activities up to now

In company
  • Traning workers in order to create a safe working environment.
  • Provide training to monitor waste classification, strictly control the use of chemicals to reduce hazardous waste.
  • Tiee Ing also conducted cleanup activities of inside and outside company.
    All workers and staff also actively participate this activity.
  • Provide and supervise the wearing of labor protection while working to avoid risk of accident.
  • Save electric and water.
  • Provide healthy examination in Nov every year.
  • Organize "Lucky draw" at the end of the year mean that Tiee Ing had Year feast for all members in company, and after had lucky draw activity and send present for the lucky person.
In society
  • Respond the CSR activities of customers.
  • Participate in CSR activities launched Bac Ninh province.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

In company
  • Take health care for all employees. Provide more welfare for employees.
  • Try to organize useful activities such as a tour.
  • Maintenance machinery 2 times/year.
  • Continue to provide training about environment, health, and safety working for employees.
  • Management hazardous waste well.
In society
  • Visiting orphans, handicapped children.
  • Target for CSR activity 2018 "Remain and improve continuously CSR activities".

Xin Yong Fa Industries Limited Mr. Zhi Wen Yin

Carrying out further enhanced CSR activities

Xin Yong Fa Industries Limited
Mr. Zhi Wen Yin

Our CSR activities up to now

Since August 2013, we have:

  1. provided annual training on firefighting, emergency response plans, chemical leakage, safety-first production and also conducted audits of these items.
  2. carried out monthly activities to reduce the use of water, electricity, and paper with the aim of saving resources.
  3. hired professionals for the disposal of solid waste every year.

Since June 2015, we have:

  1. provided regular checkups to employees and conducted audits of our working environment every year.
  2. offered employees cold juice on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during summer every year.

Since January 2017, we have:

  1. selected excellent employees every month to enhance loyalty among employees and held birthday parties for them.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

  1. Provide training on safety-first production, occupational health, and the environment, and conduct audits of these items continuously.
  2. Enhance employee welfare benefits and treatment continuously.
  3. Participate actively in various training programs hosted by the Chinese government and municipal organizations.
  4. Encourage more site workers to join CSR activities.

Past Activities

Dongguan Super Glass Optical Technology Co., Ltd. Ms. Charlie Tim

Checking the CSR compliance of both our company and main suppliers

Dongguan Super Glass Optical Technology Co., Ltd.
Ms. Charlie Tim

Our CSR activities up to now

  1. Have conducted training, such as chemical training and fire drills that involve all employees, more than once a year since 2013.
  2. Have provided employees with high temperature allowances and beverages on every Wednesday during June to September since 2013.
  3. Offer protective tools to employees in accordance with the safety production policy of "safety first with priority placed on prevention."
  4. Provide a health check-up to employees every year.
  5. Have perfect attendance and year-end allowance systems to increase employees' motivation.
  6. Place a charity box in the company and raise voluntary contributions for needy employees so that employees can feel a spirit of selfless dedication.
  7. Ensure adherence to the code of conduct on business social compliance initiatives and also ask suppliers to comply with it.
  8. Promote energy conservation and CO2 emissions reduction, have water-saving, energy-saving, and paper-saving targets, and provide education on waste sorting, basic knowledge of hazardous chemicals, environmental conservation awareness, and so forth.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

  1. Check the progress of CSR promotion among our main suppliers by preparing a CSR promotion progress check list and collecting information from these suppliers.
  2. Promote social contribution activities.
  3. Continue to improve the CSR activities that the company is now conducting.

Shin-Etsu Polymer Vietnam Co., Ltd. Mr. Naoyuki Maeyama

Promoting CSR activities by laying out eight key issues

Shin-Etsu Polymer Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Mr. Naoyuki Maeyama

Our CSR activities up to now

The Shin-Etsu Polymer Group aims to be a corporate entity that continuously grows with society by prioritizing management with an emphasis on safety and fair corporate activities. The Group reports its approaches to global environmental conservation and environmental management as well as related initiatives and CSR activities in its Sustainability Reports, which have been issued since 2001. The Group also launched the "CSR Promotion Committee" in November 2017 to strengthen its continued CSR management. The committee formulated the Group's basic CSR policy and clarified key issues.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

The following eight key issues are laid out based on the Group's corporate mission of strictly complying with all laws and regulations and conducting fair business practices and its basic CSR policy. In the eight issues, Shin-Etsu Polymer Vietnam Co., Ltd. will focus especially on "promoting CSR procurement and the diversification of supply sources" and "respect for human rights, the development of human resources and the promotion of diversity" during this term.

<Key CSR issues>

  1. Employees and contractor health and safety
  2. Energy-saving, resource-saving and the reduction of the environmental impact
  3. Product quality improvement and product safety control
  4. Promoting CSR procurement and the diversification of supply sources
  5. Respect for human rights, the development of human resources and the promotion of diversity
  6. Respect for and protection of intellectual property
  7. Contribution to industry and social initiatives
  8. Accurate and timely information disclosure and communication with stakeholders

Zhuhai Yoshida Precision Plastic & Mould Mr. Huang jiaomin

Improving our CSR activities continuously

Zhuhai Yoshida Precision Plastic & Mould
Mr. Huang jiaomin

Our CSR activities up to now

  1. Have focused on the sustainable development of the environment and resources since 2013 while conserving the environment, preventing the wasteful use of materials and other resources, reducing waste contamination, and recycling resources.
  2. Have actively promoted the disclosure of corporate information and the strengthening of information security since 2014 in compliance with laws and legal regulations.
    1. Disclose information on products, services and management systems, and trademark certification.
    2. Ensure the safety and health of employees, aim to create a secure and pleasant workplace, and increase employees' loyalty to the company.
    3. Provide regular fire drills and firefighting training sessions to raise safety awareness among employees.
  3. Hold birthday parties as opportunities for employees to feel the warmth of the company and a sense of cohesion.
  4. Improve the company's employee welfare benefits in order for employees to work positively and grow with the company.
  5. Organize an annual company trip, provide employees with paid holidays, and encourage them to participate in volunteer activities hosted by local government.
  6. Help residents in poor districts find employment and provide employees with opportunities to take skill upgrading training and join study sessions held outside the company.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

  1. Hold in-house study sessions on environmental conservation and participate in environmental conservation activities organized by local government.
  2. Provide regular safety education programs and safety training to employees so that each of them recognizes the value of life and health.
  3. Establish a rich corporate culture and promote employees' more active participation in CSR activities.
  4. Continue to improve our CSR activities so that every employee recognizes the meaning and value of life and work towards a bright future with the company.

Juntec Corporation Ms. MARICEL A. BENITEZ

Implementing CSR activities with our management with a strong commitment to these activities

Juntec Corporation

Our CSR activities up to now

The strong commitment of our management to CSR activities ensures our social compliance, employee wellness and safety, environmental protection and giving back to community. Our annual activities includes the following:

  1. Fun Run for a Cause
  2. Tree Planting in partnership with UPLB (University of the Philippines Los Baños) ecosystem department
  3. Joining LIIP Medical mission that will benefit nearby communities of Mamplasan and Ganado.
  4. Yearly support for Brigada Eskwela project
  5. Once a month Friday mass for employee well being
  6. Paper recycling and paper reduction activities
  7. Give a Gift on Christmas that encourages our employees to voluntarily share by way of donating gifts.

Future targets and efforts relating to CSR

  1. Improvement of our waste segregation system.
  2. Educating employees and local communities on hazards and disaster controls.
  3. Creation of more programs on reduction activities for power, water and other resources
  4. Aim to improve employee involvement and encourage volunteerism in different CSR activities.

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