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Brother Ensures Stable Procurement of Cost-Competitive Parts

March 11, 2020

Brother enhances collaboration with its suppliers through parts shows at manufacturing facilities

The Purchasing Department of the Quality, Production & Engineering Center at Brother Industries, Ltd. has been strengthening ties with Brother's suppliers through parts exhibitions held at Brother's main facilities outside Japan to better procure parts.

The parts exhibition held at Brother Industries (Vietnam) Ltd. in 2019 had approximately 200 visitors from more than 70 partner companies and provided a productive opportunity to exchange various opinions.

In such parts exhibitions, the Purchasing Department provides information about precautions in product assembly, key points in quality management, packaging forms, and so forth to participating suppliers while working together with the procurement, production, and quality management departments in Brother's manufacturing facilities. Subsequently, the departments solicit those suppliers' ideas and suggestions on cost reduction and the possibility of local procurement. The suppliers, meanwhile, aim to expand their business by considering how to contribute to Brother's manufacturing with their production technologies.

One of the participating suppliers commented that participation in the parts exhibitions enables him to get a deeper understanding of even the parts that his company has never supplied, and thus gives him a good opportunity to identify his company's strengths and weaknesses and reflect them in quality and cost improvement efforts for further business development.

Printer parts on display Printer parts on display Participating suppliers in a parts exhibition Participating suppliers in a parts exhibition

The Brother Group will continuously strive to build strong trusting relationships with its business partners and grow and develop together to ensure stable procurement of high-quality and cost-competitive parts in dramatically changing business environments.

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