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Brother Supports Welfare Centers for the Elderly

January 9, 2020

Xing delivers fun and health to elderly people by using its musical healing content

Xing Inc. (Xing) has been supporting "Nijinokai*," a public interest incorporated association, since 2014.

Nijinokai was established in 1979 jointly by many entertainers and intellectuals with the aim of promoting healthy living for the elderly and the healthy development of children. The "rainbow caravan" is its main activity in which Nijinokai staff visit welfare facilities for the elderly across Japan and enjoy dance and music with residents to make them feel more alive. As of March 2019, the rainbow caravan had visited more than 4,500 facilities since its launch in 1987.

Xing employees have traveled with this caravan to help provide an enjoyable time for the elderly, bringing "Kenko Okoku," Xing's musical healing content that combines songs, dances, and exercises and assisting with set up and operation of audio equipment. A resident who enjoyed this content said: "Nostalgic songs make me feel at ease, energetic and young again. I hope Xing continues this activity."

Nijinokai has launched a presymptomatic disease control program designed to help prevent dementia and also been developing health welfare and music therapists who give tailored guidance to each elderly person on how to avoid developing dementia or being in need of care. As of December 2019, more than 400 qualified health welfare and music therapists were actively working in nursing homes or as welfare counselors throughout Japan. To assist these efforts, Xing has been cooperating with the management of Nijinokai's health welfare and music therapist training seminar by selecting venues and receiving applications in local communities, and data collection and research to verify the medical effectiveness of the program.

Rainbow caravan visiting a senior welfare center Rainbow caravan visiting a senior welfare center Health welfare and music therapist training seminar Health welfare and music therapist training seminar

Xing will continually help solve social challenges to improve the quality of life for the elderly and extend healthy life expectancy.

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