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One of Brother's Chinese Manufacturing Facilities Wins the "Good Factory Award"

January 24, 2019

Talent development based on coordinated systems and the voluntary actions of employees

Brother Machinery Xian Co., Ltd. (BMX), a manufacturing facility for Brother's machinery business, received the "Good Factory Award" from Japan Management Association. This award recognizes factories that are committed to internal renovation, such as productivity or quality improvement, in Japan and Asia.

BMX was awarded in recognition of its talent development efforts to become a factory trusted by its customers, such as company-wide education, the development of next-generation leaders, and voluntary study sessions at each worksite.

The company-wide education includes a program that provides skills necessary for each job position. Seventy percent of the program is taught by employees who have already acquired the skills. This approach enables the employees who serve as instructors to exercise their ingenuity to teach their students in a comprehensive way and also to improve their own skills.

An employee serving as an instructor and passing on his skills An employee serving as an instructor and passing on his skills Instructors checking the work of their students Instructors checking the work of their students

The next generation leadership training has been conducted since 2017 to foster a new generation of leaders who can work internationally. The participants of this training course, who are mainly composed of employees in their 30s, select their individual themes from the challenges their workplaces face and work to solve them. The participants not only pursue their goals but also lean important perspectives as leaders for the next generation while reviewing their actions that have produced good results and their ideas behind the actions.

The study sessions are organized by employees on a voluntary basis to share their know-how in their respective workplaces. Including this, at BMX, employees act autonomously in a variety of ways to enhance productivity and their skills.

The Brother Group will continuously develop globally competent human resources who can deliver superior value.

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