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Brother Helps Reduce Food Waste and Support People in Need in Australia

December 12, 2019

Brother takes part in the "Cooking for a Cause" event by OzHarvest

Brother International (Aust.) Pty. Ltd. (BIA) took part in the "Cooking for a Cause" event at food rescue charity OzHarvest in August 2019 to prepare and deliver meals to vulnerable people.

In Australia, four million tonnes of food are wasted each year, yet two million people still rely on food relief every year.
OzHarvest is the first food rescue organization in Australia collecting quality excess food from commercial outlets and delivering it, direct and free of charge, to 600 charities across the country. Rescued ingredients are either close to or at the best before date and perfectly edible and safe. OzHarvest collects these ingredients and makes meals for the underprivileged, thereby reducing waste to landfill and helping people.

BIA staff and their families volunteered to take part in the food rescue program. After a few hours of cooking under the guidance of the OzHarvest Chefs, 150 delicious and nutritious meals were delivered the same day to a homeless refuge and crisis center.

Participants in the "Cooking for a Cause" event Participants in the "Cooking for a Cause" event Meals delivered to the homeless refuge and crisis center Meals delivered to the homeless refuge and crisis center

BIA's marketing coordinator said: "It was great to have experienced chefs work with us to create delicious meals for those in need - out of food that would otherwise have been thrown away. Volunteering for OzHarvest has certainly made me stop and think about what I can do to minimize food wastage."

This is the seventh OzHarvest social contribution event that BIA has taken part in and it has prepared over 1,000 meals during this time.
BIA will continuously support people in need, always considering how to solve social challenges and contribute to its local community.

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