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Brother's Canadian Sales Company Donates Proceeds from Bazaars for Children in Developing Countries

February 4, 2019

Employees watch the children they support grow while interacting with them

Brother International Corporation (Canada) Ltd. (BIC(Canada)) has been supporting children in developing countries in collaboration with Plan International, an international non-governmental organization, since 2015.

In developing nations, many children cannot break the cycle of poverty and discrimination due to the lack of education, healthcare, and other systems. In order to raise money to support such children, BIC(Canada) regularly holds charity bazaars, and its employees sell handmade pancakes, knitted goods, jewelry, and so forth. The company matches the proceeds from the bazaars and donates them to the regions where the children live. These contributions are used to help improve education and healthcare. In 2018, the money raised was also donated to Plan International's educational project to establish new schools and train new teachers in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

In addition, all employees exchange letters with 45 of the children who are supported by BIC(Canada). The company also has a plan to send a few employees to Burkina Faso, which will promote closer interaction with the children living there. "Meeting the children and seeing our donations make even a small difference in their lives will make me happy," said one of the employees. "I will value communication with the children and continue to support them."

Employees support children in various parts of the world Employees support children in various parts of the world Letters from the children are posted in the company Letters from the children are posted in the company

BIC(Canada) will continually address support for children as its key issue.

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