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Brother Holds the PR Academy in Europe

November 15, 2018

Brother sales companies strengthen their collaboration by sharing respective public relations and exchanging their opinions

With the aim of providing valuable information to their customers, Brother's sales facilities in Europe work in collaboration to conduct public relations activities.

Brother International Europe Ltd. (BIE), the European regional headquarters of the Brother Group, provides respective European facilities with a variety of materials, such as images, to help them publish information on how Brother's products and services can support its customers and solve their problems on social media. Each facility utilizes such materials and conducts its unique public relations tailored to the culture and custom of the country in which it is located.

The "PR academy" has been held since 2008 with the purpose of further enhancing cooperation among those facilities and the quality of their information provision. In 2018, this academy took place in the UK with the attendance of approximately 30 publicists from Brother U.K. Ltd., Brother France SAS, and the Brother Group's headquarters of Brother Industries, Ltd., and so forth. This three-day academy consisted of a debrief session in which respective facilities reported on their PR activities and a training session on how to use SNS and how to deal with the media during a crisis. It also provided an opportunity for an exchange of opinions, including requests to BIE.

A participant reporting on PR activities conducted by her company A participant reporting on PR activities conducted by her company Participants exchanging their opinions Participants exchanging their opinions

A participant told that this academy served as a valuable opportunity to know and learn PR activities conducted by respective facilities and also helped strengthen cooperation among the publicists through its training workshop which allowed them to work together.

The Brother Group continues to work as a global team to deliver valuable information speedily to its customers.

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