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Brother Develops an Industrial Thermal Printer Dedicated for Automatic Packers

March 4, 2020

Brother realizes high-quality printing at any speed by utilizing its printer technologies

Thermal transfer* (thermal) printers are typically installed in food production lines because they do not use liquid ink for printing. Brother has developed an industrial thermal printer dedicated for automatic packaging machines by utilizing the thermal transfer technology used in its P-touch label makers. This thermal printer can be integrated into automatic packaging equipment for confectionery and bread products and print expiration dates and so forth.

At Brother, a great deal of consideration was given even to the key components of this printer to enable it to use a high-capacity ink ribbon cassette yet achieve high-speed printing. This device, equipped with the motor control technology that incorporates the comprehensive know-how of the Brother Group, also has the ability to spin and stop a heavy, long ink ribbon at high speeds, and thereby realizes an increase in printing speed and less cassette replacement. Furthermore, with Brother's unique printing control technology, it can offer beautiful printing at a uniform concentration even under mechanically stressed conditions, such as acceleration and deceleration.

High-speed printing performance High-speed printing performance High-capacity ink ribbon and print samples High-capacity ink ribbon and print samples

The Brother Group will remain committed to advancing its technological capabilities to provide the best products for customers.

  • A technology that create an image by transferring heat-sensitive ink from a ribbon onto a substance such as paper
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