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In the Personal and Home Business, we bring the joy of handicraft through products and services centered on home sewing machines and home cutting machines. Through fully-featured products and services utilizing information technologies, we expand new possibilities in handicraft.

Bringing the Joy of Handicraft with a Wide-Ranging Lineup from High Functionality to Practical Stitching

Brother has leading-edge development capabilities in the home sewing machine industry, which allows it to provide highly functional products with high added value. In particular, we have been leading the market by offering our customers state-of-the-art features that are also easy to operate, utilizing our forte of electronic technologies. As for production, we manufacture a wide-ranging lineup from high-end to everyday at our facilities in Taiwan and Vietnam. As for sales, we have established strong relationships of trust with retailers and prominent business partners, such as major sewing machine dealers handling high-end machines. Furthermore, our sales facilities around the world provide precise services and support along with superior products, enabling us to maintain and further enhance our strong brand.

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