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1950s: Applying Its Core Technologies to Promote Diversification

After fulfilling his long-cherished ambition of exporting made-in-Japan sewing machines in 1947, Masayoshi Yasui visited the United States to assess the sewing machine market in 1950. The trip led him to make a decision to diversify Brother's business. After that, the company developed knitting machines, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, an electric fan, and so forth, by utilizing its technologies, such as the motor development technology which it had cultivated through manufacturing of sewing machines. Around the same time, Brother launched the development of a portable typewriter. By researching typeset manufacturing and applying the press technology gained through the development of sewing machines and knitting machines, Brother actualized commercialization of the typewriter. This style to predict the changes of the times and tackle the world market applying its own core technologies has been still affecting manufacturing in Brother.


1950 Masayoshi Yasui set off on a 50-day trip to the U.S.
1954 Production of KT1-B1 professional knitting machines started.

Production of centrifugal-type washing machines, the first Brother model of home electrical appliances, started.

Production line of washing machinesProduction line of washing machines

1954 Production of KH1-B1 home knitting machines started.
1954 BROTHER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION established as a trading company.

BROTHER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (U.S.A.) established in New York, the U.S. as a regional sales company (initially called BIC of N.Y.).


1955 Production of electric fans started.
1957 Production of refrigerators started.
1957 Darling, the 80 cc motorbikes, launched in Japan.
1958 BROTHER INTERNATIONAL EUROPE LTD. established in Dublin, Ireland as a regional sales company.
1959 BROTHER INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (CANADA) LTD. established in Montreal, Canada as a regional sales company.

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