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2000s: Developing Business Globally and Integrating Business Management

After the late 1990s, Brother actively shifted its production to China and reconstructed its sales structure. Due to these strategies, Brother's business operation as one united group started getting on track after the 2000s. Subsequently, Brother launched manufacturing operations in Vietnam and the Philippines, and established a manufacturing structure that has multiple facilities for respective businesses.



2001 BROTHER MACHINERY XIAN CO., LTD. established in China as an industrial sewing machine manufacturing company.
2001 Brother Group’s Environmental Policy established.
2002 Brother Group Green Procurement Standards issued.
2002 Long-term vision Global Vision 21 established.
2002 BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SHENZHEN), LTD. established in China as a manufacturing company.
2005 Garment printers using inkjet technologies developed for printers launched.
2006 BROTHER INDUSTRIES (VIETNAM) LTD. established in Vietnam as a black-and-white laser printer manufacturing company.
2006 Laser printer consignment production company in China transitioned to an internally managed company to establish BROTHER TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) LTD.
2006 BROTHER INDUSTRIES (SLOVAKIA) s.r.o. established in Slovakia as a toner recycling and manufacturing company.
2006 Industry classification of BROTHER INDUSTRIES, LTD. in the stock market changed from Machinery to Electric Applications.
2007 BROTHER INDUSTRIES (VIETNAM) LTD. started production of information and communications equipment.
2007 Color laser printers and multi-purpose machines equipped with internally manufactured color laser engines launched.
2008 First 100 years of business.
2008 Procurement Policy and CSR Procurement Standards formulated.

Transfer agreement concluded with HOYA CORPORATION for the portable printer business of the Pentax brand. Business in the printing field reinforced.

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