Corporate Information

Corporate Data of Brother Industries, Ltd.

Board of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Executive Officers

(As of April 1, 2022)

Board of Directors

Representative Director & Chairman

Representative Director & Chairman Toshikazu Koike

Toshikazu Koike

Representative Director & President

Representative Director & President Ichiro Sasaki

Ichiro Sasaki

Direct control over: Internal Audit Dept.
Representative Director
& Vice President

Representative Director & Vice President Tadashi Ishiguro

Tadashi Ishiguro

Responsible for: MIS Dept., New Business Development Dept.
Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer

Director & Senior Managing Executive Officer Yuichi Tada

Yuichi Tada

Responsible for: Corporate Planning Dept.
Responsible for: Nissei Business
Director of Nissei Corporation

Directors & Managing Executive Officers

Director & Managing Executive Officer Kazufumi Ikeda

Kazufumi Ikeda

Responsible for: Human Resources Dept.,
CSR & Corporate Communication Dept.

Director & Managing Executive Officer Satoru Kuwabara

Satoru Kuwabara

Head of Printing & Solutions Business Division

Responsible for: Printing & Solutions Business Division

  • LE Development Dept., LC Development Dept., IDS Development Dept., Printing Application Development Dept., Labeling & Mobile Solutions Development Dept., Production Dept., Quality Management Dept.
Outside Directors

Outside Director Keisuke Takeuchi

Keisuke Takeuchi

Outside Director of Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.

Outside Director Aya Shirai

Aya Shirai

Outside Director of Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.

Outside Director Kazunari Uchida

Kazunari Uchida

Outside Director of Lion Corporation

Outside Director Naoki Hidaka

Naoki Hidaka

Outside Director of Nabtesco Corporation

Outside Director Masahiko Miyaki

Masahiko Miyaki

Corporate Auditors

Standing Corporate Auditors

Standing Corporate Auditor Kazuyuki Ogawa

Kazuyuki Ogawa

Standing Corporate Auditor Keizo Obayashi

Keizo Obayashi

Outside Auditors

Outside Auditor Akira Yamada

Akira Yamada

Representative of Three Fields L.L.C.
Outside Auditor of Denyo Corporation
Outside Director of Monitoring Board of Amifa Corporation

Outside Auditor Masaaki Kanda

Masaaki Kanda

Outside Director of Ogaki Kyoritsu bank Ltd.
President of Aichi Arts Center

Outside Auditor Kazuya Jono

Kazuya Jono

Outside Auditor of Toray Industries, Inc.

Executive Officers

Senior Managing Executive Officer

Mitsuyasu Kyuno

Head of Personal & Home Business Division

Responsible for: Personal & Home Business Division
  • Business Planning Dept., Sales & Marketing Dept., Development Dept., Production Innovation Dept., Quality Management & Customer Satisfaction Dept.
Managing Executive Officers

Taizo Murakami

Responsible for: Quality, Production & Engineering Center
  • Production Strategy Planning Dept., Engineering Development Dept., Basic Engineering Technology Dept., Quality Innovation Dept., IJ Production Dept., Purchasing Dept.

Tsuyoshi Suzuki

Responsible for: Development Center
  • Technological Innovation Dept., Software Technology Development Dept., IJ Technology Development Dept.
Responsible for: Intellectual Property Dept.

Makoto Hoshi

Head of Machinery Business Division

Responsible for: Industrial Equipment Business
Machinery Business Division
  • Business Planning Dept., Machine Tools Sales Dept., Machine Tools Development Dept., Technology Dept., Production Dept., Machine Tools CS Planning Dept., Quality Management Dept.

Tetsuro Koide

Head of Domino Business Division

Responsible for: Domino Business Division
  • Domino Business Office, DP System Development Dept., CM System Development Dept.

Toshihiro Itou

Responsible for: Finance & Accounting Dept., Law, Environment & General Affairs Dept., Environment & Climate Change Strategy Dept.

Yumiko Iwadare

Responsible for: Printing & Solutions Business Division
  • Business Planning Dept., Sales & Marketing Dept., Product Planning Dept., CX Development Dept., SPS Business Development Dept.
Executive Officers

Yasuyuki Hasegawa

Responsible for: Industrial Sewing Machine Business, Machinery Business Division
  • Industrial Printers Business Dept., Industrial Sewing Machine Sales Dept., Industrial Sewing Machine Development Dept.

Tatsuya Sato

Responsible for: Development Center
  • Electronic Technology Development Dept.
Responsible for: Design Dept.

Yoshiichi Sugimoto

Head of Network & Contents Business Division

Responsible for: Network & Contents Business Division
  • Network System Business Development Dept.
Director of Xing Inc.
Group Managing Executive Officer

Isao Noji

Chairman & Managing Director of Brother International Europe Ltd.

Donald Cummins

Director & President of Brother International Corporation (U.S.A.)

Robert Pulford

Group Executive Officers

Tsutomu Mishima

Representative Director & President of Brother Sales, Ltd.

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