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Business Segments

Machinery Business

Industrial Sewing Machines

An industrial sewing machine is a product that Brother has been developing, manufacturing and selling since its foundation, and we have continuously been leading the industrial sewing machine industry in fabric (cotton, linen, and so forth) sewing. In 2015, we launched a next-generation sewing machine brand. Also, our lock stitch sewing machine has features that revolutionize the conventional norms of the industry, such as the world's first electronic feeding system, and it is receiving good reviews from users. By employing its original technologies as a printer manufacturer, Brother also develops and sells garment printers (printers used for garment and fabric printing). In 2017, we released a new garment printer product, GTX, which achieves outstanding productivity with one-third of the printing time compared to other existing printers.

Industrial Sewing Machine Industrial Sewing Machine

Garment Printer Garment Printer

Industrial Equipment

Brother's industrial equipment was developed through our manufacturing of machine tools needed to make key parts of sewing machines in-house. In 1985, Brother released the CNC Tapping Center. It has been well received by our customers because it is compact in size, but yet offers high productivity and environmental performance for processing parts needed by the automobile and IT industries. After the launch of our next-generation machine tool brand, SPEEDIO, in 2013, we have released models that can process bigger parts and models that are capable of lathe turning processing, and have been entering new markets.

Machine Tool Machine Tool

Industrial Parts

In 2013, Brother acquired Nissei Corporation, which has a high market share for reducers and high-precision gears in Japan, as its consolidated subsidiary, and entered into the industrial parts business, which can give us opportunities to provide high added value for customers. As for gear motors, our core products of reducers, we offer an extensive product lineup, and have the ability to deliver products within a short period of time and handle special order items flexibly, and are responding to various customer demands. As for high-precision gears, we develop and manufacture products used for robots and machine tools mainly. By executing the entire process from product designing to manufacturing consistently within the company, we create highprecision and high-quality products. Thus, our products have a high reputation in the market, especially for our cutting technology for bevel gears*1.

Reducer Reducer*2 Gear Gear*2

  1. Cone-shaped gears that transmit motion between two intersecting axes.
  2. Link to the website of NISSEI CORPORATION.

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