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We support the continuously changing business situations of our customers through our compact printers and all-in-ones as well as a diverse lineup of labeling systems and label printers for both home and business use.

Offering Diverse Solutions That Meet the Printing Needs of Customers

Communications and printing equipment

We meet the various printing needs of customers with our products such as compact black-and-white and color laser All-in-Ones and inkjet printers. Together with responding to the spread of working at home and the placing of printers in multiple locations in offices, we are also expanding contract-type and other businesses that link us to customers. In addition, we are working on resource circulation and waste reduction, including the collection of used consumables, and creating power-saving and other environmentally friendly products.

Black-and-White Laser All-in-One Black-and-White Laser All-in-One Color Laser All-in-One Color Laser All-in-One

Inkjet Printer Inkjet Printer

Scanner Scanner

From Household to Manufacturing Situations, a Diverse Lineup of High-quality Products That Meets a Wide Variety of Needs


Brother offers a diverse lineup of highly functional labeling systems and label printers. Industrial label printers and mobile printers for industries such as retail, logistics, and manufacturing provide easy-to-introduce barcode printing and other solutions. We are also enhancing our lineup with consumables and applications that meet various uses.

Labeling System Labeling System Label Printer Label Printer

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