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Domino Business

In the Domino Business, we contribute to the improvement of productivity at plants by providing coding and marking equipment that prints information such as expiration dates and lot numbers on plastic bottles, cans, food packaging, and so forth, and digital printing equipment that meets the needs of product packaging that is becoming more varied in smaller lots and shorter delivery times.

Responding Swiftly to Diverse Needs Through Industrial Printing Equipment

Domino Printing Sciences plc, a consolidated subsidiary of Brother, has been growing its business steadily for over 40 years as a UK-based industrial printing company. It boasts world-leading sales and service network in the coding and marking (printing expiration dates and so forth on plastic bottles and cans) business. Regarding the digital printing business, with its highly productive digital printing equipment, Domino has been providing business solutions to the challenges of the label printing industry, such as small-lot production, waste reduction, and working environment improvement.

Coding & Marking Equipment Coding & Marking Equipment

Digital Printing Equipment Digital Printing Equipment

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