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New Inkjet Printing Technology to Deliver Speed and Durability

Brother inkjet multi-function printers for offices capable of printing up to A3 size. MAXIDRIVE is a newly developed print head technology that supports rapid printing and durable design, enabling printers to handle high-volume printing needs of offices. Up to 50% faster and 100% more prints in a lifetime thanks to the advanced ink drop control. Contributing to improved office productivity.

MAXIDRIVE Print Head Achieves Express Printing

Newly developed print head technology MAXIDRIVE has dramatically increased printing speed thanks to Brother’s unique engineering. Models fitted with MAXIDRIVE print heads have printing speeds up to 50% faster compared with conventional print heads, achieving speeds of approximately 30 color A4 pages per minute. Such speed does not interrupt workflow, contributing to improved office productivity.

*Print speeds are based on ISO/IEC 24734 and 24735 international standards
*Comparison of models fitted with MAXIDRIVE (MFC-J7600CDW, MFC-J7500CDW, MFC-J5800CDW, HL-J7010CDW) and Brother’s 2018 model (MFC-J6999CDW)

The key to the speed of MAXIDRIVE is Brother’s unique 40 μm engineering

Such speed is achieved by Brother’s unique piezoelectric construction. The piezoelectric element is the core of inkjet technology, and the structure that it is within has been shrunk to allow for the discharge of ink at only 40 μm thick. In a MAXIDRIVE print head, the new design that moves this driver more dynamically achieves greater discharge force, enabling approximately 50% higher print speed compared with conventional models for the same number of pages.

Greater Durability of MAXIDRIVE Increases Product Lifespan

In addition to high print speed, MAXIDRIVE print heads achieve high durability. Furthermore, improvements to the waste ink control mechanism, wear parts, and suppression of mist adhering to parts contribute to approximately 100% more prints in a lifetime. It stabilizes the discharge of ink in situations of extended use, prolonging product lifetime.