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At your side

At your side



In 1908, Brother got its start in the sewing machine repair business.

The desire to make a sewing machine that was more resistant to breaking was held by the founding brothers during repeated repairs. From this desire, a chain stitch sewing machine for manufacturing straw hats was born and given the name “BROTHER.”

For over 110 years, our desire has been “Be of service to our customers and make them happy.” The motto “At your side.” represents Brother’s commitment to putting the customer first.

Now, Brother is leveraging its strengths of diverse proprietary technologies and global networks to support the productivity and creativity of our customers around the world through products and services in a wide range of fields, such as printing equipment, sewing machines, machine tools, and online karaoke systems.

SPIRIT OF “At your side.”

We put our customers first in every situation,create excellent value through manufacturing, and provide it swiftly.

This spirit of “At your side.” is engraved in the hearts of each and every employee working in the Brother Group, and is the cornerstone of our corporate culture. To the present day, and into the future, Brother wants to continue to be at “your” side.


Brother Group VisionAt your side 2030

The spirit of “At your side.” —of putting customers first in every situation and delivering superior value — has been passed down since the foundation of the Brother Group and is at the root of everything we do.

Going forward, to contribute to society and help protect the earth without changing this desire, we have formulated our vision “At your side 2030” running from fiscal 2022 to 2030.

Let us stride forth to a new future with the Brother Group being “At your side.”

  • Our Purpose​

    Our Purpose​

    By being "At your side." ​we enable people’s productivity and creativity, contribute to society, and help protect the earth.​"

  • Our Approach​

    Our Approach​

    We identify and eliminate barriers to customers' success by utilizing our unique technologies ​and global network.​

  • Our Focus Areas​

    Our Focus Areas​

    Industrial – Become a trusted, invaluable ​solutions partner.
    ​Printing - Continue leading print innovation and pioneering new offerings.​