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Accuracy and Speed: Inkjet Printing Technology for Garment Printers

Brother’s GTXpro garment printer (clothing printer) can print on a variety of items, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, bags, and other clothing. When you hear “inkjet”, you may think it’s the same technology as that in printers used in homes or offices, but this inkjet technology provides value that is uniquely suited for clothing. Brother’s technology for professional use helps improve productivity and creativity.

Combines a 10 mm Gap and Accuracy

Garment printers require a gap between the head and the printing surface in order to handle the unevenness in the fabric of clothing. However, the wider the gap, the lower the printing accuracy. The GTXpro printheads have a stronger ejection capability, which allows the printer to achieve a gap of approximately 10 mm without sacrificing high definition.

Realizes White and Multicolor Printing Simultaneously

Printers that print on paper don’t have white ink, but white ink is essential for garment printers that sometimes print on darker materials. In the past, it was necessary to perform multicolor ink printing after white printing was completely finished, but the GTXpro realizes both white and multicolor ink printing simultaneously. The GTXpro achieves efficient, speedy printing.

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Printheads That Reduce Defects

Since the components of white ink tend to settle, sufficient preparation was required to avoid printing problems. The new, specially designed white ink printheads adopted on the GTXpro are equipped with a system that separates and stirs the white ink to reduce clogging and uneven printing.