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Technology Focused on the Compactness and Usability of Brother Printers

Brother’s inkjet All-in-Ones integrate copy, telephone, and fax functions in a single machine. Extremely useful printers that are space saving, compact in depth and height, and can be placed in shops with limited space. This compact size is proof that customers has arrived at the ease-of-use they have been searching for. This is Brother’s trademark commitment to putting the highest priority on creating products from the user’s perspective.

Independent Systems That Realize Compactness

One of the technologies that realizes compactness is the independent system of ink cartridges that Brother continues to focus on. By utilizing a system in which a cartridge on the side of the main unit sends ink through a tube, it was possible to design a slimmer main unit. This design also enables smooth replacement of the cartridge through the front of the main unit.

Saving Space Through Front Operation

Another point that Brother continues to focus on is paper feeding from the front tray of the main unit. We have realized front operation that allows all operations to be performed from the front, with the aim of creating all-in-one printers that can be placed in locations that lack depth and spaces with a limited vertical width. Normal operations can be performed virtually problem free, even when the main unit is placed in narrow locations such as on a shelf.

Design Concepts That Are Close to the User

Compact design concepts for the user’s convenience are not limited to inkjet All-in-Ones. For example, with a compact laser printer (HL-L2375DW), all operations such as paper feeding, paper ejection, and toner cartridge replacement can be performed from the front. This allows the printers to be placed inconspicuously in narrow spaces such as the reception counters of shops and hospitals, which has earned us the support of our customers.