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Value Creation Activities

Brother’s unique manufacturing system and various management resources such as "product development", "technical capabilities", "talent development", "global structure", "flexibility", and "cooperation with business partners", all serve to support its manufacturing.

Product Development

We take customer opinions as the starting point of our business activities and deliver products and services that meet customer needs.

Concurrent Chain: the Stage of Creating Value

Concurrent Chain: the stage of creating value

Respective departments concurrently work toward the commercialization of products while sharing information with each other to swiftly address customer needs with our products.

Group-wide product development

Group-wide Product Development

To grasp customer requirements for product quality, departments like QM, Design, and Development worked together to thoroughly analyze the products against which we benchmarked our products in the market, and quantified and visualized our targets by extracting specific tasks for development.

Technical Capabilities

We develop products which are valued and chosen by customers.

Brother’s technical capabilities are used to create customer value

Brother’s technical capabilities create value for our customers

At the Brother Group, we consider that true technical capabilities refer to the utilization of our unique technologies to create products and services that customers demand, and engage in value creation that is beneficial for the customers.

Special efforts by development members to make a breakthrough

Special Efforts to Create a Breakthrough

Brother computerized its sewing system to help create high quality sewing and its innovation makes even the inexperienced sewer’s work look professionally done.

Talent Development

We respect diversity and individuality among our employees, and cultivate global human resources who can deliver superior value.

Recommendations for promoting women’s success

Recommendations for promoting women’s success

Aiming for a working environment in which more women can find success, a working group named "Team Ajisai" was launched. With their approach, we work to introduce teleworking, hold lectures by experts, and more.

Operating training based on local demands

Operating training based on local demands

At the manufacturing base in Asia, an early education is implemented for managerial candidates. Long-term talent development is done as a group through methods such as improving understanding of team management by means of training.

Global Structure

We work as a united global team in every aspect of our business activities.

Digital marketing promotion

Digital marketing promotion

To promote the activities of digital marketing, our [group for presiding over global activities] shares superior knowledge and formulates global strategies in cooperation with digital marketing promotion teams around the world.

Global manufacturing strategy

Global manufacturing strategy

We expand our business by establishing and consolidating new factories in countries such as China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and other countries in Asia. With each business having multiple bases, we mitigate risk and maintain cost competitiveness.

with Business Partners

We adapt to various changes in the market.

Flexibility and cooperation developed by working with partners

Flexibility and cooperation developed by working with partners

Within the rapid change in the business environment, we will utilize our technology, knowledge, sales route and know-how to co-operate adaptively with our business partners in fields where our experience is not yet developed.

Developing a new market with our sales subsidiaries

Developing a new market with our sales subsidiaries

Requests from corporate customers vary widely because they are diverse in scale and cover various business categories. We have established a system to enable us to directly listen to customer comments and instantly propose an appropriate technical solution while working together with the technical support staff of Brother Sales. This allows us to provide a quick response to individual questions.

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