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Ichiro Sasaki


The heart of "At your side.",
engraved in each of us.

"At your side."
Place our customers first everywhere, every time,
and provide them with superior value by quickly creating and delivering high-quality products and service.

The "At your side." policy in the minds of each of us, is the basis of our corporate culture.
Since foundation, by passing on Brother's DNA that has confidently taken on challenges and adapted to changing times and environments, we have been consistently continuing to cultivate new markets and keep growing.

Our challenge of changing and times and environments continues. "At your side." will lead us. With this guidance, we are able to take challenges with firm intention.

The mind of challenging,
will sustain Brother for the next 100 years.

The history of the past century of Brother, is a "track of challenges".
Starting from repairing imported sewing machines, overcoming numerous difficulties, Brother has globally expanded responding to needs of customers changing over time.

What made this possible was the mind to challenge without fearing change, inherited from foundation. The heart still lives nowadays.
To continue being a trustworthy company to all people with different nationalities, words, and cultures.
We will continue to confront the uncharted fields for the upcoming century.

Through further expansion of business,
we will continue to deliver products
based on our customers' changing needs.

Brother's consistent invention of new technology and advancement into unexplored areas has led to the development of innovative products in many fields.
From printers and sewing machines for offices and houses, machine tools, industrial sewing machine, label printers, communication system for karaoke, etc., we will continue to expand our business.

To accelerate this progress, we will widen our field of newly produced services and solutions with higher added value, and continue conducting M&A* in various fields.
With efforts to the customer- first policy, everything leads to delivering a better value to customers.

*Term for "merger and acquisition".

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