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Digital Origami Letter

Send your message as origami to friends or family.
Send a message and show them how much you care.

Move your cursor
to fold your origami.

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Expiry Date //

Please note that Digital Origami Letters will not be available after the expiry date.



We're sorry, but your message was not successfully created. Please check your Internet connection and press "Send message as origami" again.



Enter your message to create a Digital Origami Letter to send to a friend or family member over the Internet.

Select an origami model then enter the message you want to send.

Move the cursor according to the prompts to fold your origami. Send your Origami Letter URL to share with your friend before the expiry date.

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About Digital Origami Letter

Digital Origami Letter (hereinafter referred to as the service) is a service provided by Brother Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Brother). Please read the following before using the service.

Terms of the Service

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