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Stock Information


Our basic policy is to actively return profits to shareholders in accordance with financial results, taking into consideration maintaining adequate levels of internal reserves for investments towards future growth and cash flows. Our target of consolidated dividend payout ratio is set to about 30%, and also in order to continuously pay dividends regardless of financial results, the minimum level on dividend of equity ratio (DOE) is set to 1%,

<Dividend Information>

The year-end dividend for Fiscal year ending March 2018 was revised upward to reflect an increase of 6 yen to 30 yen per share, compared with our previous dividend plan, and with the dividend for the end of the second quarter, which had already been paid, the dividend for the fiscal year ending March 2018 is determined to be 54 yen per year.
In Fiscal year ending March 2019, we aim to achieve a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30% and plan to increase to a total of 60 yen per share.


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