Material Balance

Material Balance

The environmental impacts (including resource consumption, CO2 emissions, and waste generated) associated with all of the Brother Group's business operations are quantitatively monitored and summarized to reduce environmental impacts.

Resources and energy input
in FY2019

Resource Consumption Resource ConsumptionProduct material197,696t

Total Amount of Raw Materials Used for Shipped Major Products

Total energy consumption Total energy consumptionCrude petroleum equivalent43,230kL

Total Amount of Energy Resources Used at Each Designated Business Site

Water consumption Water consumption651,202m3

Total Amount of Water Used at Each Designated Business Site

Production & Emission of Substances in FY2019

CO2Emissions CO2EmissionsGreenhouse gas emissions from energy use90,960t-CO2

Total Amount of Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Each Designated Business Site

Amount of Wastewater Amount of WastewaterAmount of Wastewater573,065m3Amount of Waste Recycled421m3

Total Amount of Water Discharged from Each Targeted Business Site and the Volume of Recycling

Amount of waste Amount of wasteProduction-Related Waste12,963tRecycled Amount11,276t

Total amount of waste generated in the production process at target business sites

The scope of aggregation was directly related to the product range.

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