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Brother Group Releases Its First Integrated Report

November 26, 2021

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Ichiro Sasaki) today announced that the company has released the "Integrated Report 2021" on its website, the first report by the Brother Group that integrates financial and non-financial information.

The Brother Group had been disclosing information such as business overview, mechanism of value creation and ESG initiatives in the Brother Communication Report—which also serves as a corporate profile—and the Brother Group Corporate Social Responsibility Report. This time, in order for the Brother Group's value creation mechanism to be better understood, the Group has released the "Integrated Report 2021," which integrates the information disclosed in the reports and financial information.
In the "Integrated Report 2021," based on the corporate message of the "At your side." spirit, the Story of Brother's Value Creation presents the idea of value creation achieved through utilizing strengths unique to the Group and expanding social value over the long term. The report also provides an outline of "At your side 2030," which is the Group's new Vision from April 2022, and explains the strategies of each business and ESG-related initiatives as the foundations that support corporate value.

The Brother Group will utilize the "Integrated Report" as a tool for promoting constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, and will endeavor to contribute to a sustainable society through business and improve corporate value.

Main contents:

  • The Story of Brother's Value Creation
  • Management Strategy
  • ESG Initiatives
  • Financial Section
  • Corporate Information / Stock Information

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