Our Vision

Our Vision

We aim for continuous growth and strive to be a company, which earns the trust of all stakeholders.

Mid- to Long-Term Corporate Vision (GV21)

As an organization that does business on a globally, the Brother Group places its customers first in all activities and in every way. Based on this idea, the Brother Group has set up three goals in its corporate vision "Global Vision 21" to encourage further growth, and makes effective use of its wide variety of management resources to achieve the goals.

Three Goals of Global Vision 21

leading global company with high profitability

To become a leading global company with high profitability.

While promoting globalization not only in the scale of the business, but also in our way of thinking, Brother will flexibly react to various changes, and keep evolving swiftly. We will also establish highly profitability and solid financial strength.

world-class manufacturer by developing outstanding proprietary technologies

To become a world-class manufacturer by developing outstanding proprietary technologies.

Brother will push forward in the manufacturing of unique and original products based on the customer-first standpoint, by developing outstanding proprietary core technologies and acquiring patents.

"At your side." throughout our corporate culture

To embody Brother's motto "At your side." throughout our corporate culture.

Brother will foster a customer-first corporate culture in all stages of our operations, including product planning, development, design, manufacturing, sales, and services. Our goal is to ensure the customer perception that Brother is a "trustworthy brand".

Medium-Term Business Strategy "CS B2021"

The Brother Group formulates medium-term business strategies as road maps to achieve Global Vision 21.
The Brother Group believes that it is essential to implement more in-depth transformation, with the understanding that the business environment surrounding the Group will change significantly and become increasingly severe. Under CS B2021, with a new theme of “TOWARDS THE NEXT LEVEL,” the Brother Group will implement transformation by focusing on the four top management priorities below and strive to build a firm foothold for future growth.

  1. Printing-win to survive
  2. Machinery/FA-accelerate growth
  3. Industrial printing-develop a growth platform
  4. Form a solid foundation to gain speed/cost advantage

Medium-Term Business Strategy "CS B2021" detailed information

New Brother Group Vision “At your side 2030” from April 2022

The new Brother Group Vision “At your side 2030” will start from April 2022. Please see the following for more details.

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