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Brother Receives High Ratings from Three Major IR Website Evaluation Agencies

January 11, 2024

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Correction : January 15, 2024

Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Ichiro Sasaki) has received the AAA Website rating, Commendation Award, and Silver Prize for its website's "Investor Relations" page, respectively, from Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Nikko Investor Relations), Daiwa Investor Relations Co. Ltd. (hereinafter Daiwa IR) and BroadBand Security, Inc. Gomez Consulting Dept. (hereinafter Gomez), in their IR site rankings.

Award Details

Nikko Investor Relations
All Japanese Listed Companies' Websites Ranking 2023
Received a AAA Website ranking (for the 7th consecutive year)
Daiwa IR
2023 Daiwa Internet IR Award
Received Commendation Award (for the second consecutive year)
Gomez IR Site Ranking 2023
Received Silver Prize (for the 6th consecutive year)
Ranked 47th overall (up 23 places from last year)

Brother has made efforts to enhance its disclosure of information on its website's "Investor Relations" page, in order to provide shareholders, institutional investors, and other stakeholders in and outside Japan with financial and non-financial information in a timely and accurate manner, and to promote understanding of Brother.
The company will continue to further expand its website's "Investor Relations" page, and strive to continuously improve its corporate value through active communication with its stakeholders.

Brother Website Investor Relations

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