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BROTHER INDUSTRIES (U.K.) Became the First Company in the Brother Group to Realize Carbon Neutral

November 18, 2021

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Ichiro Sasaki) today announced that its manufacturing facilities BROTHER INDUSTRIES (U.K.) LTD. has become the first company in the Brother Group to achieve carbon neutral and has completed the validation of the British Standards Institution BSI*1 PAS 2060:2014 Standard*2.

Exterior view of BROTHER INDUSTRIES (U.K.) Exterior view of BROTHER INDUSTRIES (U.K.)

BROTHER INDUSTRIES (U.K.) is manufacturing facilities of Brother Industries located in Wrexham, Wales of the United Kingdom. Established in 1985 for the production of typewriters, it is now the core of the Brother Group's recycling function for toner cartridges, which are consumables for printers and All-in-Ones. It also functions as a factory that contributes toward resource circulation, such as extracting plastic parts from used printers, All-in-Ones, and consumables and using them in new products.

BROTHER INDUSTRIES (U.K.) has promoted energy-saving activities within its factory and office and reduced CO2 emissions by switching some company vehicles to hybrid vehicles. In addition, the company has undertaken other efforts such as the purchase of CO2-free electricity which does not generate CO2 during power generation. Furthermore, by using carbon credits to offset the remaining emissions, its Scopes 1 and 2*3 CO2 emissions were assessed to have met the PAS 2060:2014 standard.

Under the "Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050," the Brother Group seeks to further strengthen both its environmental initiatives and its environmental investments with the aim to achieve carbon neutrality in its business operations and minimize CO2 emissions from the entire value chain by FY2050. The Group will continue to work as one to further strengthen globally its initiatives to help society develop in a sustainable manner.

Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050 (formulated in April 2018 and partially revised in October 2021)

Brother Group Environmental Vision 2050

  1. British Standards Institution (BSI)
    Established in 1901 with the support of the United Kingdom's Department of Trade and Industry, the British Standards Institution is the world's oldest national standards body. Currently, BSI provides certification and various types of verification for management systems centered on ISO as well as training services to more than 100 countries around the world, with a track record of more than 60,000 ISO certification cases.
  2. PAS 2060:2014
    Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality.
  3. Three scopes of carbon emissions (Scopes 1, 2, and 3)
    "Scope 1" refers to direct emissions from the activities of a company
    "Scope 2" refers to indirect emissions generated when producing electricity, etc. used by the activities of a company
    "Scope 3" refers to all indirect emissions not covered by Scope 1 or Scope 2

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