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May visitors take photographs within the Brother Museum?

It is allowed to take photos except the walls marked "No photos"

Are food and drink allowed in the facility?

Yes, in the designated area.

What are the opening hours of Brother Museum?

We are open from 10:00 to 17:00 and 10:00 to 19:00 on wednesdays

When is the museum closed?

Sundays, public holidays, Japanese Golden Week holidays, summer holidays, year-end and New Year holidays.
Please note that Brother Museum is sometimes reserved for a large group tour during the regular opening days.
Please see the Brother Museum calendar on the WEB to check out the opening days.

Is there an entrance fee?

No, it's free.

Can we visit the Brother Museum without a reservation?

You are welcome to visit us anytime. No appointment necessary.
However, advanced reservations are required for groups (10 people and more) or school excursions.

Is parking available?

Yes, we have parking for 3 large buses or 11 cars.

Does the facility have wheelchair access?

Yes, our facility is barrier free, including the restrooms.

How many visitors can visit at one time?

We can accommodate up to 200 visitors at one time, although the Communication Zone (a video theater) only holds 80 people.

How long does the tour take?

About one hour.

What kind of exhibits do you have?

We exhibit Brother's various products from the sewing machines produced when Brother was first founded to the latest products. We also have an exhibition of sewing machines from around the world, starting with a replica of the world's very first sewing machine. Visitors can actually use the latest products at Experience Zone.

How long is the Brother corporate video?

Our corporate video is approximately 8 minutes.

Is the video available in any language other than Japanese?

Yes, it's available in English and Chinese as well.

Is it possible to take a field trip?

Yes, we have several field trips.

Can children visit the Brother Museum without an adult supervisor?

Children aged 6 and above may visit without supervision. However, children under the age of 6 must be companied by an adult.

Do you sell Brother products at the Brother Museum?

This place is not for purchasing. For more information on where to purchase any of the products found on this site, contact your local Brother State Office.

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