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Brother Museum

Design concept

Design concept: Creating beauty and refreshment through the harmony of nature and cityscape


The concrete, wood and glass facility's exterior blends in with the surrounding cityscape. The wood used to build the facility was taken from environmentally forested trees.


The lush greenery in the garden delights visitors and passers-by. The trees, though small now, will grow and extend their trunks and branches, helping purify the air and moderating the heat island effect.

Barrier free

The facility was designed for the utmost accessibility and comfort for everyone, including disabled and wheelchair-bound visitors. The parking lot slopes gently towards the entrance, and the barrier free, one level interior design makes it easy for all our visitors to enjoy Brother Museum.

Outline of the facility

Space of the property:Approximately 2,644 square meters
Floor Space:Approximately 1,350 square meters

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